Revealed: Shilpa Shetty’s Beauty, Yoga And Weight Loss Secrets


Shilpa Shetty is one actress who has defied ageing. Outside of being a mom to her 5-year-old son, she is an entrepreneur, a regular on the fashion ramp and a fitness role model. At 41, Shetty is all this and more, but most noted is her awe-inspiring transformation post her pregnancy to a stunning fitness icon. She not only looks glorious, but sports a toned, lithe body which is the envy of everyone.

Here’s how Shilpa Shetty looks a million bucks:

Yoga for a tiny waist

While she was first initiated into yoga due to a bad neck pain, her interest in the form steadily grew. She started training in Ashtanga yoga, and later went on to release her yoga DVDs on various asanas and pranayam. It was yoga alone that made her tone her body and get rid off all the excess fat particularly around her waist and face. She believes in yoga being a way of life, one that calms your mind and body and boosts your concentration.

Secret behind Shilpa Shetty’s lustrous hair and flawless skin

Shilpa Shetty beauty and weight loss tips

  • After waking up she first washes her face with warm water and then cold water. This cleanses the skin and closes open pores. Then she follows it up with a moisturiser.
  • As a part of her bedtime ritual, she uses a concoction of olive oil, Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil and bio oil, to cleanse her face. She dabs this mix on her face using a cotton swab, then wipes it off with a hot towel.
  • She drinks 10 glasses of water through the day to keep her body and skin hydrated.
  • Her favourite spa routine is a deep-tissue massage as she finds it extremely relaxing.
  • She loves her eyelash curler and never leaves the house without using it.
  • She never uses the straightening iron on her hair, instead gently blow dries it to keep them straight.

Food that keeps her slim and healthy

Shilpa Shetty believes in having a balanced, wholesome diet. She never says no to carbohydrates, but prefers brown rice, brown sugar, whole wheat pasta and bread instead of white, processed flour as brown foods are low in glycemic index. Her meals are always cooked in olive oil, from veggies, salmon to turkey. After her workouts, she drinks her protein shake along with a couple of dates and about eight black raisins.

Breakfast: The first thing she drinks after getting up is amla juice (Indian gooseberry). Then she eats a large bowl of porridge with green tea. She never takes any kind of fizzy beverages.

Lunch: She either has whole wheat roti or brown rice that are high on fibre with a bowl of dal, sauteed veggies and a chicken curry.

Evening snack: A brown bread toast with boiled egg and green tea

Dinner: Shilpa likes to finish off her dinner by 8 pm so that she has at least 3 hours before going to bed to digest the food. Usually she has a grilled chicken dish, a soup and a salad for dinner.

Workout to lose pregnancy fat

After the birth of her son Viaan in 2012, Shetty had grown a massive 80 pounds. But in no time she came back to a sculpted, size zero body by first taking up some mild cycling and jogging for about half an hour a day. Slowly she made the transition to more intense workouts, and in under 1 year she managed to shed around 20 kg. All this while her baby napped in the afternoon.

Such simple tips and you are guaranteed a slim, healthy body and a glorious complexion. Just like Shilpa’s.

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