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9 Common Hair Mistakes Women Make Every Day


Women, after her face, cares the most about her hair. She uses fancy shampoos, conditioners, styles her hair with a blow- dryer or straightening iron each time before stepping out. She gets extensive hair spa rituals at the salons, aside from colouring them and trimming them. But despite the efforts...

How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally With Banana Hair Mask


What girl doesn’t like to have naturally straight hair that is smooth and soft. A homemade banana hair mask can actually be a girl’s straight hair dreams come true. But the most common way to get straight hair is by going through chemical treatments such as rebonding and straightening. This...

11 Best Hair Growth Oils In India That Stop Hair Loss


Best hair growth oils, or at least one that works well on our hair, seem like a difficult proposition. We take our haircare regime very seriously, and why not, it after all determines how healthy our hair is. But one of the most persistent issues that most women deal with...

How To Treat Hair Loss And Dandruff With Fenugreek Seeds


Winter is round the corner, and we can already feel our scalp flake, the hair turn frizzy, and eventually fall out. Don’t blow up money on expensive hair rituals at the salon when you have a very easy solution at hand, right in your kitchen.┬áThe fenugreek seeds, popularly known as...