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Hair Loss Remedy! 6 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Hair loss after a certain age is inevitable. But everything depends on how rapidly it happens. There are several factors that come into play for making a person shed hair. The most important ones being a family history of balding, receding hairlines, hormonal changes and imbalances especially during pregnancy, childbirth...

Get Rid Of Your Lice Problem With This Homemade Treatment


Lice, a perennial problem among school boys and girls, girls in particular. These tiny, blood sucking, wingless bugs multiply at a shocking propensity, usually through contact with another person facing the problem. Lice thrive on human hair by sucking blood from the scalp, and grow at a rapid pace if...

Here’s How To Use Guava Leaves To Stop Hair Loss


When it comes to hair loss, you have tried out everything. From getting expensive hair rituals at the salon to home remedies, and still nothing works for you. There are various contributing factors to hair loss we can never eliminate, but what we can certainly do away with is the...