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4 Underarm Whitening DIYs That Work Better Than Creams


Now that summer is here, so is the light, breezy summer wardrobe made of halter tops, sleeveless, to off shoulder dresses. But to sport a cool fashion quotient you need to flaunt those underarms, which can be embarrassingly dark and patchy. When you need to think twice before bearing your...

DIY Coffee Shampoo And Coffee Rinse For Hair Growth


There is a lot in your shampoo, it is not just a simple hair care product, but something that influences your hair quality and hair growth. You can definitely try out different hair treatments to address your hair loss problems, though they may not necessarily yield good results. The trick...

How To Treat Acne Naturally With Banana Peel


You have acne, and there isn’t a greater truth. However hard you try to treat acne with kitchen remedies, fancy acne removal creams on the market to trying to hide them with a thick coat of foundation, the problem never leaves you alone. Your face is either covered with them,...