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How To Make Your Own Fairness Cream At Home


That fair, bright complexion has been eluding you for a while now. You have tried all kinds of fairness creams on the market, but all those tall claims of giving you a fairer complexion only end up biting the dust. There is hardly any difference you notice in your skin...

5 Ways You Can Use Vaseline For Beauty And Health


Vaseline is one versatile household item that has so many skincare benefits. It is easily the best remedy for chapped lips, and dry elbows among others. Dry skin is nourished best with a dose of Vaseline petroleum jelly, helping keep it soft and supple. Is there anything to not like...

How To Use Aloe Vera To Get A Soft And Beautiful Skin


One of the most trusted beauty ingredient for generations now, the aloe vera, is to most people more than a decorative plant in the balcony. Rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene that provides the aloe vera with both moisturising and anti-ageing qualities, the plant does more than plain...