5 Ways You Can Use Vaseline For Beauty And Health


Vaseline is one versatile household item that has so many skincare benefits. It is easily the best remedy for chapped lips, and dry elbows among others. Dry skin is nourished best with a dose of Vaseline petroleum jelly, helping keep it soft and supple.

Is there anything to not like about this most common everyday beauty product. But there are several other hacks of Vaseline that you must know about.

After reading this you will always keep Vaseline handy

1. Great nail polish bottle lubricant

One very common trouble most women face while opening nail polish bottles is that they become tight over a period of time and the lid refuses to budge. And your nail polish collection is so vast that the turn of wearing several of them comes well after a year. As a practice, coat the mouth of the nail polish bottle with Vaseline petroleum jelly, before twisting the cap. Even if you open the bottle after a long gap, the tip won’t get stuck.

vaseline lubricant

2. Vaseline trick while applying nail polish

You are always rushed for time while applying nail polish that you end up colouring the skin on the side of your nails with the polish, and then get frustrated trying to get rid of it. Next time, before applying nail polish, cover the skin around your nails with Vaseline and then apply the nail polish. The extra colour spilling around the edges will not stick to the skin, you need to just wipe it off.


Image: Stephanie Stanley

3. Vaseline for softer feet

You don’t have time for a pedicure, and not enough time in the day to look after your feet. You actually don’t need to take much trouble here. Before going to bed, apply Vaseline on your feet and massage it thoroughly. Further on, put on a pair of socks and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning you will have soft, crack-free feet.


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4. Say goodbye to sore ears

Your ears feel sore from wearing those heavy loop and chandelier earrings you have been sporting lately. Next time coat the hook or the stem of the earring with some Vaseline and then wear them. All the soreness from your ear will have gone, and you will love wearing your choice of earrings.



5. Vaseline for a long lasting perfume

You wear the choicest of perfumes but somehow their scent fade away so quickly, making you wonder how you can keep smelling good longer. Here is a perfect Vaseline hack: apply Vaseline on the spots you intend to spray perfume over, and then gently massage the area. Now spray your perfume there and dab it with your wrist. We promise, you will keep smelling great for very long.


So, have you already kept a Vaseline petroleum jelly in your bag?

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