Use Rice Water As Skin Toner And See The Magic. You’ll Have A Bright, Spot-Free Complexion, Naturally!


For a flawless, glowing skin it is imperative to have a balanced skin. A balanced skin refers to the balance of oil and water in our complexion. There are plenty of factors that affect this balance such as our diet, water intake, external factors like free radicals, and the beauty products we use. Precisely why toning, just like cleansing and moisturising, is an important beauty ritual which helps maintain the pH balance of the skin. You need a natural ‘skin toner’ that will enrich your skin with vitamins and minerals, and balance its oil-to-water ratio effectively.

While there are plenty of toners available on the market, only a few that are cent per cent natural and give the desired results. Switch to this easy homemade toner as effective pH balance of your skin is what will make it beautiful and glowing. You just need two everyday ingredients to make this natural toner, rice water and lemon juice.

Why Rice Water

Rice water is a rich source of Vitamins B, C and E aside from several essential minerals and amino acids making it a natural beauty and health promoting ingredient.


How do you get rice water

Rice water is the blurry white water you get from soaking rice in water for sometime, or the residual starchy water from boiling rice. Rice water has been used by Asian women both in concentrated and fermented form to derive desired results, or even by diluting it. Either way it is a ready-to-use beauty product which lends itself to skin and haircare very well.

Why Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and acts as a natural cleanser and bleach.

Here’s how you can make this natural skin toner at home.


1cup Rice water

3tbsp Lemon juice


Method of Preparation:

Take a handful of rice and soak it in a cup of warm water overnight. First thing in the morning, strain the water in a clean bowl. Add to it the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Blend it well. Now refrigerate this solution for about an hour. Pour it out in a clean air-tight bottle. You can easily use this natural toner for about 1 week to 10 days.

Further on, dip a cotton ball in the rice water mix and cleanse your face thoroughly. The dirt and the grime from the day will come out with this and the pH balance of your face will also be maintained. This skin toner controls excessive oil secretion by the skin and will keep the skin tone even while naturally tightening your pores and boosting skin elasticity. In just a few weeks the dark spots and blemishes on your skin will fade away. You won’t need any shop-bought toner or cleanser once you start using this.

In just a couple of weeks your skin will be a tone lighter and without spots and scars. Share it if you find this natural recipe useful.

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