How To Stop Hair Loss And Make Your Hair Grow With Beer Mask


Beer mask is actually a magical remedy to put an end to hair loss. Did you know, an average adult has between 100,000 to 150,000 hair on their head? Factoring in the 50-100 odd hair one loses on a daily basis. But when this balance is upset you suffer baldness and a bad case of hair loss. While there are several ways to gain back ones hair through hair transplant to getting expensive hair re-growth rituals, they cannot be afforded by everyone to address a very common problem such as baldness. But most importantly, these chemical treatments end up damaging your hair follicles making them thin and frizzy.

There are several factors that can be attributed to hair loss including hormonal imbalance, stress and anxiety, poor diet, lack of proper sleep, aside from external factors like excessive use of blow dryer, hot iron or hair dyes. A lot of these are under our control and some aren’t, so just as we try to switch to a healthy lifestyle we can try a few home remedies to get dense black hair that is shiny and smooth.

If you have already noticed bald patches on your scalp and have been a victim of excessive hair loss, fret not. We have a beer mask recipe that you can put together with the help of some extremely basic ingredients found in every household. 


1/2 glass Beer

1/2 Banana

1tbsp Honey

1 Egg yolk


Method of Preparation:

Take all the ingredients – honey, banana, beer, egg yolk – in a bowl and combine them thoroughly. Blend until you get a thick, homogeneous paste.

banana beer mask

Image: YouTube/VAD is RAD

Now apply the mask on your head evenly, add an extra coat over the areas where hair is thinning drastically. Allow it to seep in for approximately two hours. If you feel a heating sensation, it implies the remedy is working on your hair follicles. Rinse off with a gentle shampoo. Repeat this ritual at least once a week for a full month to experience lush growth of hair on your mane. You will spot tiny sprigs of hair on your bald patches and your hair thinning would give way to thick, voluminous locks.


Why Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is loaded with Vitamin E and sulphur, which are both extremely essential ingredients in promoting hair re-growth.

Why Banana

Aside from being a rich source of zinc, magnesium and potassium, banana acts as a natural conditioner for your hair, thus improving the overall texture of your mane.

Why Beer

Beer is a protein overload, and this protein is what works as food for your hair. It not only makes your hair shiny and smooth but also strengthens the roots preventing easy breakage.

Why Honey

Honey is a natural moisturiser that goes a long way in reducing frizz and making your strands soft and smooth.

Only a handful ingredients is all it takes to treat baldness at home. Share it with friends if you find this useful.

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