7 Simple Home Remedies To Cure Grey Hair Fast


Who wants to grow old with days? Well, with the increasing age you are more probable to suffer from greying of hair and ageing of skin. Ageing of skin is generally due to increase in your age but greying of hair can be at any age. There are various reasons behind grey hair and one includes hormonal problem. Generally, when the body stops producing hormone called melanin in the body your hair starts growing into grey colour. In rare cases, grey hair may be due to lack of nourishment or nutrients in the diet.

If you are struggling with grey hair since years, here are a few simple home remedies to treat them. Check them out here.

1. Indian gooseberry (Amla) and lemon juice – perfect combination for grey hair

Indian gooseberry is popularly known as amla in India and this is one of the most used and preferred ingredient when it comes to grey hair. Amla being packed with nutrients helps to treat all kind of hair problems.

– Take few amla and leave them under sunlight for few days.

– Once amla has dried you can crush them in a blender and make powder out of it.

– Now take a lemon and squeeze out the juice.

– Mix the alma powder and lemon juice together and apply on the roots of your hair.

– Wash off after 20 minutes with cold water.



2. Curry leaves powder

Due to large amount of anti oxidants found in curry leaves, they prove beneficial in treating grey hair. However, when it comes to hair or scalp disorders curry leaves have been used since ages.

– Take few dry curry leaves and crush it in blender or with your hands.

– Now, add the curry powder in 2-3 spoon of curd.

– Mix both the ingredient together and apply on your scalp. Due to curd present in it, the pack will start to melt off after some time. So it is always good to wear a shower cap once you have applied the pack.

– Wash off after 20 minutes with normal water.

grey hair powder


3. Onion and lemon juice

Onions have proved it beneficial over greying of hair and are certainly used through ages. Using onion is an old remedy to treat hair disorders easily.

– Take 2 onions and cut them into pieces.

– Now blend them in a grinder and make a thick paste of it.

– Now take a clean cloth and collect the paste on this cloth and squeeze it together.

– Take a vessel to collect the onion water and mix it with lemon juice.

– A combination of onion and lemon juice helps to restore the strength, shine and colour over hair strands. Shampoo well after 30 minutes.



4. Black tea

Black tea is known for its unconditional health benefits and proven results over skin and hair. Due to anti oxidants present in black tea, it helps to strengthen the hair strands and also stimulates the strength and growth of hair strand.

– All you need to do is take some black tea and put it to boil for few minutes.

– Now, allow the water to cool down and then use this water as an after wash for few days.

– If needed, add 1 teaspoon of salt to it so that it helps to remove the dirt accumulated over scalp.



5. Almond oil and lemon juice

Oiling is the most important part to maintain your hair strong and retain its color. If you have not been oiling your hair, you should certainly do because this is one of the things that promise to improve the health of your scalp as well as hair. Almond oil being packed with nutrients helps to enrich your scalp and also helps to nourish the hair strand. Lemon helps to avoid greying of hair and also helps to scale out the dandruff accumulated over scalp.

– Take 2 spoon of oil and one 1 spoon of lemon juice in a bowl and then massage your scalp with this mixture.



6. Coconut oil and curry leaves

Curry leaves and coconut oil can do wonder over your scalp because they have the power to boost your hair growth as well as it is the most effective solution to greying of hair.

– Take 1 cup of coconut oil and handful of curry leaves.

– Now put this oil into boil for 5 minutes and allow it to cool down.

– Strain the oil and apply this on your scalp for 2-3 times in a week.

– People have found coconut oil and curry leaf remedy to be one of the best solutions to greying of hair.


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