This Easy, 2 Ingredient Recipe Will Remove Your Facial Hair In Just Few Minutes


The hair on your face is even worse than the hair on your arms and legs. It’s awful to put forth a hairy face despite putting on the best of makeup, from supple foundation, a glorious blush to dramatic eyes. Nothing ever makes up for a face with patches of hair on it.

Now if facial bleaches are your call to get rid of unwanted hair, it is highly unadvisable. To resort to bleaching or waxing as a way of removing facial hair can make your skin rough and craggy, and in worst cases lead to hyperpigmentation. Also bleaching is a chemical treatment which robs your skin of its natural moisture, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

This is a face mask you can make with some easy ingredients from your kitchen, and it will not only nourish your skin and make it soft and clear, but most importantly remove all those unwanted, embarrassing hair from your face.

Many people have already derived great benefit from this method, and some even swear by it as the ultimate method of hair removal. Beauty and grooming cannot get any cost effective than this.


1/2 tsp Coconut oil

3 tbsp Wholewheat flour

Water as per requirement

facial hair recipe

Method of Preparation: 

Prep your skin first by gently massaging the coconut oil into it in a circular motion until the oil has been completely absorbed by the skin. Ensure you fully cover all the areas you have hair growth in. Coconut oil is a natural moisturiser, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and multi-nutrient skin food.

Further on, mix water into the wholewheat flour to form a thick but even consistency. Your face mask is now ready for application. Apply in the direction of hair growth, which is downwards. Allow it to dry about 90% which is going to take around 15 minutes. Then rub it off in upward and outward motion. Rinse off your face with cool water, and instantly you will realise how light and clean your skin feels.

Every time you take up a hair removal ritual it is important to follow it up by applying a toner on a cotton pad. This step helps close open pores which may otherwise accumulate dust and grime and cause pigmentation on the skin or the pesky blackheads. Even cold green tea is a great toning agent, in case you don’t wish to use a ready-made one.


Use this face pack twice a week with a gap of two days in between for at least a whole month. Post that you can go back to a once a week schedule.

The longer you use it, the lesser you would need it. Eventually the hair from your face would have subsided. A very effective home remedy!

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