Here’s How To Remove Body Hair Permanently Without Waxing


What makes you most conscious when you wear a nice short dress or a skirt is your body hair. Even if there is a light dusting of hair on your arms and legs, you don’t feel confident in going out and meeting people. Body hair is a wretched thing, and there is always some springing out, either from your armpit, shin, or arms.

Just think of the money you have spent on waxing at the parlour till now. And it is just not feasible to rush to the parlour every time you want smooth flawless arms to flaunt that halter top. What are you to do with that under-skin hair which never comes off from waxing anyway. Or from simply running a razor down that hairy track. Whether it is shaving your legs or waxing them, the ills of such methods of hair removal are far too many. Your skin becomes sensitive, robbed of moisture and prone to acne. The chances of cuts, bruises and burning of the fragile top layer of the skin are rampant.

Save yourself the hassle of going though the painful process of waxing to get rid of that unwanted body hair. Try this 2-ingredient homemade recipe and your body hair would be gone permanently. 

This is actually an old Burmese technique that removes body hair, heals scars and gives you a perfectly glowing skin.


Wax or epilator

2/5 cup Thanaka powder (yellowish-white powder made from ground bark)

3/5 cup Kusumba oil

remove body hair naturally

Method of Application: 

Make a thick paste with the Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil. But first your skin needs to be freshly waxed or shaved with the epilator. Immediately after that apply this paste of Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil on the parts from which hair has been freshly removed.



Massage it on the skin for at least five minutes rigorously. Leave it on for about 2 hours and then wash it off. Apply this everyday, and make sure you remove body hair as soon as it appears.


You will see a marked difference in hair growth in just a couple of weeks. And gradually there won’t be any body hair. But do remember, this body hair reduction is subject to several factors such as your hormonal conditions and current hair growth among others.

Don’t have to rush to a parlour again for waxing. With this homemade remedy unwanted body hair will be gone permanently. 

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