Rainbow Hair Colour Trend For Those Who Are Too Shy To Experiment With Their Hair


Gone are the days of global colour and highlights. Your hair colour or streaks no longer have to be so obvious, and they no longer have to be in muted shades. Its time to go all out with hair colours. Not one, not two, but all seven colours of the vibgyor can now find a stylistic manifestation in your daily hairdo. The current global trend that is catching the fancy of women cutting across age groups is dyeing a layer of the hair in bright rainbow colours that you can flick around the way you please, tie into a braid, make a top knot, or simple clutch into high ponytail.

There is surprise in every style you make for one hair colour gets more highlighted than the other with every flick. Its so awesome, and looks like a new hairdo everytime. You can even coordinate your dresses according to it.

Here are some awesome ways you can carry your rainbow streaks. Make sure it is hidden under a layer of hair to retain the surprise element. Best part: when not in the mood you can simple leave them open and nobody can see that gorgeous riot of colours underneath. What a totally cool trend!

1. How about a loose, unkempt top knot?

rainbow hair colour trend

Source: Instagram/katiedartmouth

2. Cross braiding and then a layer of loose rainbow streaks


Source: Instagram/yolacote

3. What gorgeous colours. Enough to brighten a dull day

4. We particularly love this one for the emphasis on blue. Looks surreal. 


Source: Instagram/yolacote

5. A colourful top knot. How awesome! 


Source: Instagram/Emily Back

6. Your hair looks like a prism


Source: Instagram/twistedscissorschicago

7. Perfecting the French braid in rainbow colours 


Source: Instagram/maybesaylor

8. For when the rainbow is too much to handle


Source: Instagram/Marie England

9. A casual flick of rainbow hair


Source: Source: Instagram/yolacote

10. Lovely way to showcase those highlights


Source: Instagram/lovelylockshairandbeauty

11. A dark top knot held together by strands of bright rainbow hair


Source: Instagram/sassy_yasss

Can’t wait to try? Style your own rainbow hair colour today!

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