Just 3 Easy Homemade Ingredients And Your Nails Will Grow Faster And Longer


You’ve been wanting a flaunt some nail art for a while, but your nails seem to be taking forever to grow back. This is something that frustrates most women who have short nails and somehow nail colours never look good on their fingers.

A lot of women have really slow nail growth particularly if it was clipped really deep the last time, no way your nails are growing now. You look at also those advertisements of gorgeous nail art on long, shapely nails, and feel bad about your own which are blunt and stumpy. Upset you try nail extensions and other such tricks, but in the long run pay the price with brittle fingernails that chip off even easily. Those who use nail extensions too are never really happy about it because they are high maintenance, and quite cumbersome to put them on every time.

Don’t bother too much with fake nails anymore next time you want some awesome nail art. Grow your own long nails in a matter of weeks with this natural homemade nail soak. You just need three simple ingredients and your fingernails will grow faster and longer, like magic. Don’t believe us?


1/2 cup Orange juice

1 clove Garlic

1/4 cup Extra virgin olive oil

grow nails fast

How to Use: 

In a deep bowl pour out the orange juice. Crush the garlic and tip it into the orange juice. Now soak your nails in this solution for a good 15 minutes. Drain the liquid out and wash your hand properly.

Further on pour the olive oil into the same bowl. Again dip your fingers into the olive oil for another 5 minutes. Rinse your fingers thoroughly and apply a hand cream to keep them moisturised.


Ela Gale

Practice this ritual at least twice a week for two weeks and you will be surprised how fast your nails grow back. They will not only be long, but strong and healthy.

Now, paint them in the colours you wish, and have fun!

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