Just 2 Simple Ingredients And Your Eyelashes Will Grow Long And Thick In No Time!


Even to flaunt a great mascara-touched eyes, you need good eyelashes. But yours are way too sparse and thin, no matter what eye make up you wear, they never look impactful.

No, you don’t need to lean towards getting yourself a set of fake ones as they can often lead to redness in the eyes or an eye infection. Nothing like growing your own beautiful set that you might not even need the mascara again?

This can actually be a reality. You can be the proud owner of gorgeous, dark and long eyelashes that will look great with or without elaborate eye makeup.

All you need to do is raid your kitchen for two very basic ingredients, and you will grow beautiful eyelashes naturally in just a month.


1 Egg white

2 Drops of castor oil (Arandi ka tel)

Egg white helps strengthen hair follicles, while castor oil, extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Used in an array of beauty products from soaps, cosmetics, massage oils to some medicines, the beauty and skincare benefits of castor oil are manifold. From curing acne, moisturising your skin to fading blemishes, you can use castor oil to treat various skin conditions.

diy eyelashes

Method of Preparation:

Mix 1 teaspoon of egg white with 2 drops of castor oil. Blend it properly. Now using the tip of your fingers, apply the mix on your eyelashes just before going to bed. Ensure that it is a thick coat. Let it stay overnight. Rinse off your face and eyes with a gentle face wash after waking up.


You can repeat this ritual twice a week for a minimum of one month and see how beautiful your eyes look. The growth of hair in your eyelashes would have become thick and dark, and you can sport your favourite mascara every time you step out with flair.

Grow dark, mysterious eyelashes with this natural, 2-ingredient DIY homemade beauty remedy. Believe us, it really works!

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