How To Whiten The Dark Skin Around Your Private Parts Naturally


Despite shaving off your crotch area, it still remains oddly dark and stands out from the rest of your body. While there are several ways to get an effective bikini wax, not much is said about how to keep the skin around your vagina fair and smooth. Grooming is not just limited to our hair, face, arms and legs, it is most certainly our private parts too that need to be kept clean, the skin cleansed and well taken care of. It can be quite embarrassing to hunt for vagina whitening creams or gels at locals pharmacies or on other platforms, particularly if you are not sure they are at all going to bear fruit.

How about making your own skin whitening cream for your private parts with easy, readily available ingredients at home that will show results in just a few weeks, and more importantly, are natural and cost-effective?


1 Lemon

1tsp Salt

2tsp Olive oil

2tsp Rose water

whiten private parts naturally

How To Use:

Take the olive oil in your palm and massage it thoroughly on your crotch, particularly over the affected areas that has dark skin.


Leave it on for about half an hour. Now slice the lemon into two. Take one slice and sprinkle a teaspoon salt over it. Then scrub the skin around your vagina with the surface of the lemon, this will help remove the dead skin cells and the accumulated dirt and grime. Again, leave it on for about 30 minutes. Repeat the process with the other half of the lemon.


Once through, soak a cotton pad in rose water and cleanse the areas you recently scrubbed.


Images & Recipe via YouTube/Happy Women

Do this thrice a week every alternate week for a month, and your private parts will be fair like the other parts of your body.

Why Lemon

Aside from being rich in Vitamin C, lemon serves as a natural bleach which cleanses and lightens the skin tone in your most sensitive areas.

Why Salt

Salt is a natural abrasive that help clear off the dead skin cells that settle on the top layer of the skin making it dark.

Why Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural skin conditioner and an intense moisturiser that softens the skin and nourishes it.

Why Rose Water

Rose water is a great natural toner that evens the skin tone aside from removing dirt and dust.

So easy to have fair skin around your vagina, simply try this at home.

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