How To Use Vitamin E Capsule To Get Rid Of Skin Ageing, Sunburn


Skincare is beneficial when you follow the right rituals, else its a long tedious process that may not bear fruits. One such fruitful practice is to incorporate the Vitamin E capsule in your daily skincare regime. Vitamin E capsule or Vitamin E oil is Vitamin E in its purest form, and is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient for your skin as it promotes cellular regeneration. This in turn heals your skin, making those scars, dark spots gradually vanish with repeated use.

The best part about Vitamin E capsules is that they are so widely available that even while travelling you can pick it up from a chemist’s or local departmental store. But ensure you read the contents of the bottle and it says natural Vitamin E, for the synthetic ones have been linked to cell damage.

How to use Vitamin E capsules:

Use one everyday before going to bed. The Vitamin E gel cap can be split open with a knife and the serum inside can be applied directly to the skin. First cleanse your face with a cotton soaked in rose water and then apply the oil from a Vitamin E capsule on your face. It gets absorbed very quickly by the skin, but you still need to massage it thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Leave it on overnight. Rinse off in the morning with a mild face wash. In just a month you will see results. Your acne, dark spots and open pores will disappear, and your skin tone will become even and smooth. Vitamin E can, however, be irritating to some skin types, so do a patch test before applying.

Vitamin E capsule

What Vitamin E capsule does to your skin:

Natural moisturiser for your skin

This can double up as a body butter or body lotion, it is that effective. It comes in a small packaging, but is potent. Dark spots, stains, acne scars and blemishes are removed in no time. Your skin won’t have any pigmentation problem, and your complexion will be glowing and healthy. Alternatively you can use the Vitamin E oil like a daily moisturiser.

No more skin ageing

The anti-ageing qualities of Vitamin E capsule or oil is due to the fact that it stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen that slows down the process of ageing. It is due to poor collagen production that skin ages. Antioxidant rich Vitamin E oil/capsule will make the fine lines and wrinkles on the corners of your mouth and cheeks vanish. It also stops the formation of any new wrinkles.

Heals dark spots and blemishes

Vitamin E works very well to fight stubborn scars owing to its cell regeneration properties. It percolates deep under the skin and works to heal the skin tissues in the affected areas. For best results, use daily. This is an ingredient that has no side effects.

Cures chapped, rough lips

In winter particularly when lips tend to feel dry and chapped, Vitamin E capsule is the most handy and effective remedy. It acts as a natural moisturiser for your lips and nourishes it by removing the dead cells and making them soft and pink.

Makes stretch marks vanish

By taking out the serum from Vitamin E and blending it with a few drops of lemon juice you can permanently get rid of those stretch marks. Gently massage it over the affected areas and allow it to seep in for about half hour. Rinse off with water. Do this everyday to notice the difference.

Cures sunburns

By applying the gel of a Vitamin E capsule directly over your sunburn, you stimulate the epidermis in the skin to absorb the nutritional value of the vitamin. This works to reverse sun damage on your skin. Apply it over your burn everyday and it will soothe and heal in no time.

Vitamin E capsules may be available in abundance but they are precious. Use one everyday on your face and surprise everyone with the results.

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