How To Use Castor Oil For Eyelash Growth


What women doesn’t like long, thick eyelashes that instantly draws attention, and make her appear bewitching? Women spend a substantial amount of time doing up their eyes before they step out. From applying kohl, eyeliner, to mascara they do all it takes to add a bit of drama to her overall appearance. But what they would have ideally preferred is their own set of long eyelashes that are naturally dark and thick. Fake eyelashes and mascara can only take you that far. Those women who have thin, sparse eyelashes and wish to make their eyelashes re-grow thick and long, should fall back on this one beauty ingredient. You just need castor oil for eyelash growth, and make that impact when you meet people.

Castor oil for eyelash growth

Castor oil, a natural laxative, promotes the re-growth of thin eyelash hair by strengthening the hair follicles and boosting the hair growth. Loaded with Vitamin E, and an assortment of minerals and proteins, castor oil is a natural beauty ingredient whose anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that are great for hair growth. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent owing to its richness in fatty acids.

Use castor oil to grow eyelash fast

How castor oil cures thin eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelash growth is a great idea, but how did it come into being? You shed eyelashes due to damage caused to skin tissues, owing to which your eyelashes break and fall off. If you do not take immediate action to restore your weakened skin tissues contouring your eyes, there can be further damage. And also new eyelash shall not grow. When you use castor oil on your eyelashes, it gets easily absorbed by the hair follicles. And specially when you blend it with other natural ingredients, you create a healthy potion that gets seeped into the hair follicles thus expediting the process of hair re-growth. Castor oil percolates into the skin and nourishes the damaged skin tissues, to facilitate quick hair growth. Olive oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, egg white, and glycerine are among suitable combinations you can make with your castor oil to apply on your eyelashes to make them grow back healthy and black naturally in no time.

How to select the right castor oil

There are an array of castor oil available on the market. But it is best to opt for the organic, cold-pressed or cold-processed variety because it is the most natural form of oil that retains its goodness, all its proteins and minerals. The Jamaican castor oil is regarded one of the purest forms of castor oil, and are essential in hair growth, and improving its texture to shiny and smooth. But refrain from getting the industrial variety of castor oil. For lasting effects apply the castor oil before going to be bed, and allow it a few undisturbed hours to work its magic.

Today, we share with you some easy methods to use castor oil to make your eyelashes dark, long and slender, naturally.

Castor oil eyelash massage

How to do it: Rinse your face well with normal water and towel dry. Now take a clean mascara brush and dip it in castor oil. Apply it on the inside of your eyelashes in long sweeps. But ensure you touch the root of the eyelashes, and go all the way till the tip. Apply a couple of layers, remove any excess, dripping oil with a clean cotton pad. Next morning, wash your face using a gentle face wash. Make sure there are no residual castor oil in your eyelashes as it can irritate the eyes. Do this twice for about three weeks and you will start to see results.

Organic castor oil for eyelash growth

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Castor oil and olive oil therapy

How to do it: Take a teaspoon castor oil and blend it with a teaspoon olive oil. Decant it in a small glass bottle. Dip a clean mascara brush into the liquid, and apply it in a thick coat on the inner edges of your eyelashes. It is important that you touch the roots. Olive oil has moisturising properties that also fixes brittle hair, and gives them a beautiful texture. Leave the potion on overnight. First thing in the morning, rinse your face with a gentle face wash and towel dry. Castor oil for eyelash growth really works.

Castor oil, egg white and glycerine remedy

How to do it: Take a teaspoon castor oil, blend it with a teaspoon glycerine. Add to it only two drops of egg white. Now apply it using a cotton Q-tip or a mascara brush on your eyelashes before going to bed. Make sure you have washed your face well and removed all makeup from your eyes. Let the remedy stay overnight. Rinse off with a mild face wash in the morning. Remove any residual mixture from the eyelashes. Do this thrice a week, and in just a month your eyelashes will grow long and thick that you would never need a mascara again. Like castor oil, egg white too helps in strengthening hair follicles, while glycerine is a natural moisturiser that boosts the texture of hair, and keeps it well nourished.

(Glycerine can be optional)

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Castor oil also has some negative effects

While it is a well-known fact that castor oil is a natural ingredient with many beauty benefits. It can also be used by those who have thin eyebrows, or are plagued by frequent hair fall. Castor oil not only improves the quality of hair, promotes hair re-growth by making the roots strong, it also adds a natural shine to your hair by enhancing its texture. Many people are also in the habit of massaging castor oil into their hair before shampooing. But you should also beware of the negative effects the oil can have on some people.

Not to mention, you should not use excess of the oil, and always use it in moderation. But pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to steer clear of castor oil as it can bring upon sudden abdominal cramps or even point at inflammatory intestinal diseases. (Source)

Castor oil for eyelash growth is a miracle remedy with incredible effects. Your eyelashes will become thick, long and dark in a month’s time. And then you won’t have to dab thick coats of eyeliners and mascara.

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