How To Use Aloe Vera Leaf For Pimples, Dark Spots And Scars


Aloe vera is a perfect beauty ingredient that treats all kind of skincare issues. Nothing better than getting your hands on a fresh aloe vera leaf and extracting its natural goodness. With an entire beauty industry thriving on this one plant that comes with a bouquet of benefits, it is even easier to administer an aloe vera-based beauty ritual at home, one that instantly treats puffiness of the skin and subsides acne stains among other blemishes.

With natural moisturising and anti-ageing properties, the aloe vera is a powerhouse of Vitamin E, C and beta carotene that goes a long way in cutting oiliness of the skin and making it soft and tender. There are several ways you can incorporate the aloe vera in your daily beauty regimen, but this one clearly is the most effective and promises immediate results by making your skin clear, reducing puffiness, redness, and any skin irritation or rashes.

Today we will learn how to make awesome aloe vera ice cubes at home for a gorgeous and soft skin. All you need is one full aloe vera leaf, a chopping board, a big sharp knife and a large tray. 

How to cut the aloe vera leaf into small cubes

Take a whole aloe vera leaf and cut the thick part first measuring an inch or inch and a half. Then pick up the piece and slice off the cover on the flat side of the leaf. It will instantly reveal the delicious, green pulp. Now with the pulp side up further carve out three slices.

Make sure you slice down any sharp edges on the sides if they remain. In all this, you will still retain the skin on the curved side to facilitate easy handling of the patch when you eventually apply it to your face. Go ahead and slice as many slices as you wish for the ice cubes, these last several weeks, and it is a neat idea to stock up a batch in your freezer.

aloe vera leaf beauty hacks

Freeze the aloe vera cubes

Now take a large tray and arrange all the aloe vera patches with the pulp side up. Cover it with a cellophane paper and let it freeze for about 5 hours. It is, although, best to leave them overnight. When you pull them out you will see that they have turned frozen solids. Take out the cube you would be using and transfer the rest in a plastic bag and put it back in the freezer. Grab one every morning or night depending on when you wish to use them.


How to apply

Make sure before their application your face is bereft of any makeup. Now if you plan to use it in the morning you need to do it before you begin any of your skincare regimen such as cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you intend to use it at night then you need to do it after you have gone through your skincare routine.

Run the aloe vera ice cube over your face thoroughly and slowly ensuring you cover the whole skin, from your eyelids with the shorter side, to your lips, jawline, neck and eventually nose. Before running it over the bridge of your nose split the cube into two, it facilitates better application. Your skin will feel smooth and cool, and all the irritating will be gone, if you have any acne, blemish or dark spot rub over it well.


Images Courtesy: YouTube/Lora’s Channel

Your face will feel slimy after the application which you need to massage intensely for a few minutes and rinse off with cool water. Round up by using a gentle cream or moisturiser. In this last step, the aloe vera cube doubles up as a natural gel mask. Make this a part of your daily beauty regimen and in just two weeks your skin will be clear, youthful and free of scars, dark spots and acne.

Just one ingredient and all your skincare issues will be history. Cost-effective and extremely simple.

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