How To Remove Blackheads With Vaseline And Plastic Wrap Overnight


Blackheads are a menace. They pop up at awkward places on the face, becoming more visible over a period of time, and then spreading across the stretch. Of all things grooming, blackhead removal is the greatest pain, for no one has yet mastered a painless way of doing it at home. Going to the salon is an option to remove blackheads but not the most practical one, and definitely not a cost effective one. You are conscious of speaking to anyone from close quarters for the fear of your dark, big, blackheads getting noticed. Blackheads make your skin appear uneven, and detracts from its natural, healthy glow.

Its easy to remove these blackheads without going through the pain of taking them off with tweezers. You can remove blackheads in the most natural way possible with just one ingredient that is available in every home. It is really a very easy trick, just takes a few minutes and your blackheads will be gone. Do this whenever they show up on your skin.

What you need:

A piece of clean plastic
Couple of tissue papers
2 Small washcloths

Remove blackheads with vaseline

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How to Use:

First take a shower and wash your face thoroughly. Now apply a generous coat of Vaseline on the affected area in a way that it creates a temporary seal by trapping the heat in the skin. You can use any other moisturiser too, but Vaseline works best as it is thick and doesn’t drip.

Now take the plastic wrap and seal the area. Soak the washcloth in the meantime in hot water. Squeeze the excess water from it and apply the two small hot, damp washcloth over the area for at least 5 minutes to give it more heat, and loosen the pores and blackheads.


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Further on, take off the washcloth and the plastic wrap, and wrap a tissue around both your forefingers and gradually press the skin that is filled with blackheads to remove them. To avoid bruising your skin refrain from applying too much force and keep re-positioning your fingers. Don’t make any more than three attempts to remove the blackheads, else you will end up breaking the capillaries leading to the formation of pimple. Remove the ones that come out easily.


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Do this ritual before bedtime as you won’t be exposing your skin to dirt or pollution. Apply a gentle moisturiser on your skin to complete the procedure.

This is the fastest and most effective way to remove blackheads without damaging your skin. Your face will be glowing in the morning.

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