Drink This Everyday And You’ll Get A Tiny Waist And Flat Stomach Real Fast


What woman doesn’t dream of a tiny waist, one that lets dress and skirt waistlines gently glide through? No matter how hard we try the belly pudge never really melts away, and having a slender waist that makes everything you wear look good, a distant dream.

All those fancy weight loss diets, and ready-made mixes royally fail to give you a slim waistline and stave off belly fat, not to mention, plain exercising doesn’t always cut it. The good news for wait-watchers and those who want to trim their mid-section is this inventive drink first created by a nutritionist and author of several diet books, Cynthia Sass. Nicknamed “Sassy” after its maker, the drink has a magical effect on the digestive system outside of instantly alleviating bloating.

Lot of people across the world have derived positive results from this drink, when they combined it with a decent dose of exercise and generally practising a healthy lifestyle. Drink this magical potion for a couple of weeks and watch your waistline shrink.


Tiny waist detox diet

8 Glasses water
1tsp grated ginger root
1 medium-size cucumber, peeled and cut into slices
1 medium-size Lemon cut into slices
12 Fresh mint leaves
1tsp dried mint

Method of Preparation:

Take a large bowl and tip in all the ingredients one after the other.

Allow it to steep overnight as you leave it in the refrigerator.

In the morning, strain the liquid in a large glass jar.


YouTube/Versatile Vicky; Cover Image: WikiHow

You can pour out 4-5 glasses through the day and drink. Begin on an empty stomach in the morning for better results. In the first couple of hours of having the drink you will feel much lighter.

Experts believe that regular consumption of this drink coupled with moderate workouts can give you a tiny waist that will be the envy of your friends and colleagues. Some people who have regularly consumed this drink and by following a healthy diet have lost as much as 12kg in a few months.

However, pregnant women and those suffering stomach ailments or allergies are not recommended to try this “Sassy” drink. Try and use fresh ingredients for more benefits, and see how naturally you achieve a tiny waist.

The ingredients in the drink together contribute to a tiny waist provided you have it regularly, not stop exercising, or go on crash diets.

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