How To Get Fair Skin And A Glowing Complexion Using Home Remedies


We can give anything to get a lighter complexion. A clear, fair skin always eludes us because of many factors, from exposure to the sun, free radicals, pollution, our personal hygiene and lifestyle, the food we eat and how well we keep ourselves groomed. Our skin is always subject to pigmentation, open pores, blackheads, spots and stains, and acne and rashes, that our complexion loses its natural glow and fairness.

Don’t buy into what they say about market available fairness creams and other body lightening lotions when you can easily make one in the comfort of your own home with some readily available kitchen ingredients. We recommend two body lightening packs that are cent per cent natural and will lighten your skin tone in just a week. Try it out today.

Recipe 1: For normal, combination and oily skin

Tomato, lemon and liquorice pack


1 Medium-size ripe tomato

3 tbsp Rose water

Juice of half a lemon

2tbsp Liquorice powder – Also known as Mulethi or Yastimadhu

fair skin pack

Method of Preparation:

Make a puree of the tomato and pour it in a small bowl. Add the liquorice powder to it. Then tip in the rose water and lemon juice. Blend it into a thick paste of even consistency.


Using a makeup brush and apply this ‘fair skin’ pack in a thick layer on your hands, legs, neck, face, basically any part of the body that is exposed to the sun. Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Soak a cotton ball in cold water and simply scrub off the pack. It will instantly remove the dead skin cells, sun tan, and impurities from the skin. Rinse off with cool water and use a moisturiser. You will immediately notice the difference in your skin tone, it would have turned smooth, fair and clean. Repeat this ritual thrice a week for two weeks and you will see a marked difference in your complexion.


The most important ingredient of the pack is liquorice powder, also known as Mulethi or Yastimadhu. You can pick it up from departmental stores or order it online. It is a natural skin lightening agent and perhaps one of the best ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration outside of treating sun tan, while rose water keeps the skin hydrated and tones the complexion.

Recipe 2: For dry and sensitive skin

Cucumber, liquorice and honey pack


1/4 cup Cucumber juice

2tbsp Liquorice powder

4tsp Chilled milk

1tsbp Honey


Method of Preparation:

Peel and grind half a cucumber and strain its juice into a small bowl. Add to it liquorice powder, milk and honey and combine all the ingredients thoroughly into a homogeneous mixture. Now take a makeup brush and apply the skin lightening pack over the exposed parts of your body. Let it dry up fully for about 15 minutes. Soak a cotton ball in cool water and gently scrub the pack out. Rinse off with cool water and use a light moisturiser. You will see an instant change in the complexion of your skin. For best results, use it thrice a week for at least two weeks.


All images credit: YouTube/Sneha S

Choose the right pack depending on your skin type and you are sorted.

Don’t waste money on cosmetics, use this natural skin lightening pack instead and get fair skin faster.

These recipes and video is brought to you by Sneha S. Follow her YouTube channel for more awesome home remedies!

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