No Hot Rollers, No Gels! Awesome Trick To Get Naturally Curly Hair At Home


Have you too desired the gorgeous curls your favourite movie stars flaunt onscreen? That cascade of heavy locks rolling into loops all the way till the waist. Curls add glamour to your personality, a diva-like charm to your face, and enhances your overall look. In short, curly hair makes you look beautiful. But you have always thought of the whole affair a touch expensive and tedious – to go to a salon and spend hours getting long curls.

But did you know getting those splendid curls is in fact one of the easiest beauty techniques you can ever try at home? It practically requires zero equipment, and not to mention, no heat and synthetic gel that do maximum damage to your hair by making them frizzy and dry.

This is a perfectly natural way to get those enviable locks you have always wanted. We promise you after reading this, you are going to be so hooked to this awesome DIY that you won’t ever think of going to a salon to get your hair curled.

All You Need:

Hair brush

Bobby pins

Water in a spray bottle

How To Do:

Ideally you can do it post your shower when your hair is damp and easier to manage. Otherwise, you need to first brush your hair thoroughly and remove the tangles if any. Further on, part your hair into two. Spray water generously over the first partition of hair. Now start rolling your hair with your fingers from top to bottom. Make sure you have rolled the entire length of your hair.

curly hair trick

Flip over the rolled hair across your head and stick them up using bobby pins.

Follow the same practice with the other partition of hair as well. And use the bobby pins to hold them in place across to the other side of your head. After rolling your hair and sticking them up, use one final round of water spray to moisten it. You need to leave this overnight, but make sure you have secured the rolled hair well with bobby pins.


When you wake up in the morning, sure your hair will appear messy. Slowly remove all the pins from your head, and the curled hair will instantly fall on your shoulders. You can further separate the curls depending on how thick and how many curls you require. This is going to look even better than you had imagined, so soft and natural, and gorgeously curly.


No heat, no gels! This is the most natural and effective way to get luscious curly hair at home. Share with your friends who find curly hair awesome.

Source:YouTube/Adina Sha

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