Use Vicks Vaporub To Cure Your Acne Problem Forever!


Of your nagging skin issues, acne figures on top of the charts. Of course you have tried all kinds of face washes, from topical creams, gels to scrubs, but to no avail. Your formation gets lighter for a few days, but never completely diminishes, leaving your with a skin smooth and scar-free.

There are as assortment of creams and ointments on the market for this purpose that range from the popularly advertised ones on the television, to the patent pharmacy range, and then the one-off products recommended by dermatologists. But in most cases, the acne problem is never fully solved, particularly if one has been suffering cystic acne for years, and is prone to pimples and skin blemishes. These ugly bumps resurface on the skin before they even fully heal, and a clear, glowing complexion once again eludes you.

But there is one household product commonly used during cold and cough, the Vicks Vaporub, which is the answer to all your acne and other pesky skin-related woes. This everyday balm has a miraculous ability to evict all acne, wrinkles and ugly blemishes from the skin. It is actually too good to be true, but some folks with problems as grave as cystic acne have benefited from the Vicks Vaporub when all else failed to work their magic.

Those suffering this perennial skin problem are required to keep a bottle of Vicks Vaporub at hand. At all times.

How to Use:

Take a cotton swab and scoop some Vicks Vaporub balm with it. Apply it on the affected areas. Make sure you apply a thick coat. Best to use it before going to bed. You will see the effect on your skin in just one night. And if you continued using this for one full week, your acne problem will slowly vanish.

vicks vaoporub for acne

The Vicks Vaporub makes the zits swell up first, then flatten in a couple of days, that goes on to finally disappear in a matter of one week. Even painful cystic acne and blemishes are totally cured by this extremely common, but magical, household item.


Now you know how to get rid of your daily skin issues like acne or pimples and flaunt a flawless skin every time you step out.

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