With This Homemade Scrub The Tan On Your Arms And Face Will Disappear


You try to wear full sleeves every time you step out in the sun, complete with a scarf around your head and neck to protect yourself from the sun, but still you end up tanning so badly. Your skin tans in patches and in the most awkward of places that you feel embarrassed to wear short dresses or sleeveless tops.

What adds to the sun tan is the accumulation of dead skin on the already tanned part making your complexion dark and dull. You end up buying sun protection creams with higher SPFs, and anti-tan lotions, but still the tanning never completely goes away. Disappointed you invest in expensive body polishes and scrubs, but your skin ends up feeling rougher and many shades darker.

Now step out in the sun freely without a care about tanning. We suggest this 2-ingredient homemade scrub recipe that you can whip up in a jiffy to get rid of that tan on your arms and face. This anti-tan recipe is super effective in removing tan from your skin, and making it bright and glowing again.


2 tbsp Semolina (Sooji)

1 tbsp Raw milk

tan scrub

Method of Preparation: 

Pour the raw cold milk over the semolina and let the the semolina soak up the milk properly. Once it forms a thick paste, apply it on your arms, neck and face in a thick coat.


Keep it on for about 10-15 minutes, until the pack is semi-dry. Now massage the scrub gently on your skin till the semolina bits fall off from your skin. Rinse your face and arms now with lukewarm water. Don’t use any soap immediately.


Image Source: Makeupbeautyhome

The abrasive property of semolina makes it a wonderful exfoliator. It helps remove the dead skin cells, while the milk acts as a moisturiser and nourishes the skin by giving it a glow. Repeat this ritual thrice a week if yours is a bad case of tanning, and in just 2 weeks you will notice the difference in your complexion. The tanning would have faded to its lightest.

Use this 2-ingredient homemade scrub recipe and get rid of that ugly tan on your face and arms for good. 

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