Throw Away Those Hair Colours! This 1 Ingredient Recipe Will Turn All Your White Hair Black


You part your hair to brush it, and a sprinkling of salt-pepper strands reveal themselves in the most undesirable fashion. Believe us, there is no end to plucking out sprigs of white hair, for once your hair starts to grey it never ceases to stop much to your despair.

Using a global colour on your hair by one of the many fancy brands on the market, and worse still, dyeing it, actually does more harm than good. Scientists have found that any application of chemical to your mane has adverse long-term effects on your liver and skin. Not to mention, it stunts the natural growth of your hair.

But it is possible to reverse the effects of ageing on your hair by growing back hair black, thick as a mop, and making those grey steaks vanish sooner than they’d sprung up.

This is an absolutely magic one-ingredient homemade recipe that will put an end to the growth of white hair, and give you lustrous black hair. Smile, because you are going to junk those synthetic dyes after reading this.


Potato 5 no.

Water in a pot


Method of preparation:

Peel the potatoes and put it in a pot of water. Allow the mixture to boil, let it simmer for at least 5 minutes. Get the pot off the heat and allow it to cool properly in room temperature. When it cools down, strain the peels and pour out the decoction in a bottle. You can add an essence of vanilla or lavender to the serum for a more refreshing perfume.

homemade white hair recipe

Wash your hair well and then massage the decoction into your hair thoroughly. Make sure you go all the way from the root to tip, and that every strand is covered with the serum. Leave it on for about half an hour, and rinse off with a gentle shampoo. Make sure to condition your hair well. Use this treatment about thrice a week. You will see the results in just few weeks when the grey hair slowly gives way to perky black ones.


YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Use this homemade one-ingredient recipe, and you will never have to be embarrassed about those unpleasant white streaks on your head again!

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