10 Traditional Beauty Secrets You Can Steal From Your Grandma


We all have those words of wisdom bestowed on us by our beloved grandmas. Their words are so golden that they are always remembered for many generations- be it the oilment suggestion for different injury or those practical advices to handle the toughest time. Then, when it comes to beauty tips, how can grandma stay back. In fact, our grandmothers are the ones who have the best natural tips to look beautiful and live a young and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some vintage beauty tips every grandma had advised us to follow:

1. Massage your hair with coconut oil once a week

Grandma yesterday and today always advises us to use coconut oil for hair. So, massage your hair with coconut oil at least once in a week, say, every Sunday, 2-4 hrs before washing your hair or you can keep it overnight if affordable. It will strengthen your weak hair at the same time give you a shiny and beautiful looking hair.


2. Drink lots of water to make your body and skin stay hydrated

Always stay hydrated. It is not only your body which needs to be hydrated but also your skin. So, drink lots of water but at regular interval.


3. Don’t forget to nourish your skin with olive oil daily

After a long tiring house hold work like cooking and washing clothes, rub your hands and arms with olive oil. It will nurture and smooths your skin which otherwise would be rough and dry due to continuous exposure to water and detergent.


4. Flip your head upside down

Flip your head upside down for 15 secs (not more than this) because it helps in blood circulation to your head thus making your skin glow naturally.


5. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows

Make sure you don’t pluck your eyebrows in excessive manner as repeated plucking may damage the follicle which can prevent new hair from growing.


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6. Wash your face twice in a day – morning and night

Grandma prefers washing the face at least twice daily though it might also depend on individual’s skin type like someone using heavy makeup will definitely need to wash face twice as compared to those who do not apply make up and whose skin is not oily.

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7. Always remove your make up and apply moisturizer before good night sleep

The make up you wear contains chemical which can carry dirt and impurities throughout the day. Dirts are invisible so is your chance of seeing it. So, always remove your make up and apply a good moisturizer before bed.


8. And the best moisturizer is – Honey plus Glycerine

Grandma’s best way of moisturizing the skin before bed is honey and glycerine mix. Apply mixture of honey and glycerine and let it stay for some minutes. Wash it off gently with wet cloth or cotton. Follow it every night and get a baby soft skin.

9. Follow her morning beauty tips

Mix some lemon juice and oats to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck and make it rest for sometime until it gets dry naturally. Wash it off and pat it dry. Follow everyday to see a noticeable change.


10. Grandma says – love yourself and smile as much as you can

You know why she says that. Because, smile can do wonders. It reduces stress and reduced stress makes someone younger automatically. Some of the scientific reasons include emphasizing cheek bones and lips, lifting your face and making you attractive.


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