How To Get White Teeth Using Aluminium Foil Method


To get pearly whites can be quite a challenge for most of us. We are embarrassed of the yellow stains on our teeth, and wonder why it doesn’t go away despite brushing twice a day. Well, oral hygiene is often not so easy to attain, and within that, to maintain bright white teeth that sparkles is the most difficult. You may have exhausted all the latest toothpaste options on the market, yet cannot zero in on one that will actually give you teeth that are milky white.

Today we tell you an absolutely natural and cost-effective homemade trick to get pearly whites like never before in just one hour. You need only a few regular ingredients and you are sorted. 

What You Need:

A small aluminium sheet


A teaspoon Salt

A teaspoon Baking soda

aluminium method for white teeth

How To Use:

Salt and baking soda have natural whitening properties. Make a paste by mixing toothpaste with baking soda and salt. Now, apply this paste on your teeth in a thick coat. Immediately cover your dentures with the aluminium foil. Stick it properly to your teeth. Allow it to stay that way for one hour.

Then peel off the aluminium foil, and rinse off your mouth thoroughly. Instantly your teeth would have turned milky white from a faded yellow.

You can do this thrice a week for about two weeks for better results. But this is not to say that you do not brush your teeth twice a day. Supplement this remedy by brushing twice, and you won’t again complain of stained teeth.


Many dentists too recommend this DIY for teeth whitening using an aluminium foil, also it is extremely cost-effective. You can now flash that gorgeous smile of yours without any hesitation, and feel more confident about yourself.

Did you ever imagine getting pearly white teeth in just an hour with an aluminium foil? Try it out today, we say. 

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