Stop Hair Fall And Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally With Tea Water. Best Conditioner Ever!


Have you been too worried about greying prematurely and losing hair at the same time? Well, greying of hair and hair loss predominantly have nothing to do with age. It depends on several factors both internal and external. But every time you spot grey sprigs of hair on your head, you realise it is time to dye them again. Don’t take refuge in dying your hair get its original colour back. Dyes are in fact loaded with toxic chemicals and do more harm than good, they thin out your hair, weaken the hair follicles, and sometimes even affect your skin by causing brown spots on it.

Hair colouring or dying is not the solution to get the original colour of your hair back. There is one quick remedy with an ingredient found in everyday kitchen to prevent hair loss and make then shiny black again. The black tea. Like most natural treatments, the results are not instant, but over prolonged use you will be satisfied with the results. All your greys would have turned black again, and the general texture of your hair would have changed from dull, lifeless, to shiny and thick. Your hair loss woes will also be history.

Why Black Tea?

Black tea is loaded with caffeine that impedes DHT, a hormone commonly responsible for hair fall. Aside from its health benefits, black tea stops hair loss by making the hair soft and shiny, and darkening its colour.

How to Use:

Bring two cups of water to a boil. Then drop two bags of black tea, or two tablespoon black tea leaves. Allow the mixture to steep for a few hours, or even overnight. You black tea concoction is ready for use.

tea for greying hair

Begin by first rinsing your hair with a mild shampoo thoroughly. Then, wash your hair with the black tea water. Allow the solution to seep into your hair for about half an hour. Further on, condition your hair with a deep conditioner, and rinse off. You will notice the change in the texture of your hair. Almost instantly your hair will feel soft and bouncy. Repeat this ritual every time you wash your hair, preferably thrice a week for at least a month, and all your greys would be gone.


This is the most natural solution to stop greying of hair and hair loss. Only one ingredient, and your hair will grow black again.

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