5 Easy Homemade Tricks To Have A Fair Complexion Even If You Have An Oily Skin


You have oily skin and you wonder how can your skin look cleaner and fairer. Most people with oily skin have a hard time keeping the excess oil off their faces that becomes a magnet for dust and grime.

Oily skin people are prone to acne, zits, blackheads and open pores as dust and dirt settle on the surface of the skin very easily, and the thick oil cover makes it hard to remove. The truth is despite the type of your skin you can still have a fair complexion and clear skin just with these easy homegrown tricks.

Junk all those oil control creams that guarantee a clear and fresher complexion. Try this easy DIY beauty remedies and you will be able to control the excess oil generation your skin is prone to, and make your complexion look fairer.

1. Wash your face with cold water

For a brighter, oil-free complexion, wash your face at least 8 times everyday with cold water. Never soap your face, you can use a gentle face wash a couple of times a day, and follow it up with a cleanser and toner. In just a month you will see the difference in your skin texture.

trick for oily skin

2. Salt is a magical oil-control ingredient

Every time you wash your face, add a pinch of salt to the water you use for washing your face. This is owing to salt water’s property of absorbing excess oil from your skin and making it appear clearer.


3. Do not use a rough towel on your face

After washing your face make sure you wipe it with a soft, clean towel. And be gentle on your skin when you rub the towel over it. Gently pat it dry, never run it harshly over your face or scratch it. The friction a towel creates on your skin is enough for acne, zits to pop up.



4. Invest in a nice skin toner

Make cleansing, toning and moisturising a daily mantra if you want a oil-free and fair complexion. There shouldn’t be any exceptions to this rule. First apply some cleansing milk to your face using a cotton swab, then use a toner to clean the skin and close any open pores or shrink the wider pores. Toning is a very important ritual as it prevents the occurrence of pimples and acne. Further on, moisturise your face using a light moisturising cream. This is to restore the balance of your skin.


5. Apply cucumber juice to cut the oiliness 

This is an old wives remedy which uses a cucumber blended into a thick pulp for face clean up. Add a teaspoon of honey to the cucumber mixture and blend well. Then apply the mix to your face in a thick coat. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and moisturise your face. Repeat this ritual thrice a week for two weeks for a fair, glowing skin.

Try these really easy beauty hacks at home and you can have a fair complexion too. Say bye to an oily skin in no time!

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