Get Straight, Sharp Nose Naturally With These Easy Facial Exercises. No Surgery Required!


Rhinoplasty or nose job is not the answer to a ‘sharp nose’, in case you have always been wondering. The size and sharpness of your nose characterise and define your looks, making it one of the most striking facial features.

Despite wearing the right make-up or clothes somehow you never feel confident about the way your nose appears. Its too stubby, and makes your face look rounder. But did you know without having to go under the knife you can still get a good-looking shapely nose that is slim and sharp? Now this is not like gym workout that will show instant results, this process takes time and patience, but you will be more than happy with the outcome. Not to mention, a more healthier and natural route to take than injecting silicon that can be dangerous for the skin.

Just do these six easy facial exercises and you will have a sharp nose just like the movie stars. Imagine how great it will make you look.

1.Begin by pinching your nose with your thumb and index finger very gently, and lifting it upwards while doing so. You need to do this for about 5 minutes everyday. This procedure helps sharpen your nose.


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2. Take some floral essential oil or simply Vaseline to make the surface of your nose slippery and then massage the base of your nose that is close to your eyes. This is another effective way of firming the flesh on your nose and giving it a structure. Do this for about 4-5 minutes daily.

3. Else you can take the yoga route to get a perfect, slender nose. There are some breathing exercises when practiced correctly can yield a pointy nose without you even knowing. You need to sit straight and then close your right nostril with a finger. Then breathe in from the left nostril for almost 4 seconds and exhale from the same nostril for another 6 seconds. Now repeat the same process with your left nostril. Practice this ritual every day for about 15 minutes, and eventually it will start carving the shape of your nose. Also, yoga calms your mind.


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4. This is another interesting way to make your nose sharper. Hold the bridge of your nose with your index finger and thumb. Now use the other index finger to lift the tip of your nose upwards. Further on, move your upper lip down in order to exert a downward pressure against the index finger. Do 10 sets of this everyday. Those with short noses benefit most from this.



5. With this exercise you can build the muscle on the sides of your nose to make them prominent and strong. To get it right you need to smile broad while pushing the tip of your nose upwards using your index finger. Repeat this exercise about 20 times everyday and you will see great results.



6. Open your mouth in a ‘O’, now using both index fingers gradually push your nostrils halfway until you are still able to breathe with your nose. Continue by looking at the ceiling and then breathing out through your nose deeply. You can do this exercise as many as 15 to 20 times a day.

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A pert, sharp nose can be yours too, so what you were not born with it, you can certainly carve one. Naturally!

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