This Masoor Dal Face Pack Will Remove Unwanted Facial Hair And Lighten Your Skin


Facial hair is a problem most women find a challenge in everyday life. They sprout up in awkward places and interfere with your overall appearance. Even if you get yourself a good facial, the facial hair on your cheek and under chin eventually prop up and mar your look. It also effects your confidence in a big way. You feel unsure about approaching people, wonder how you can have a glowing, hair-free facial skin.

In a bid to achieve this you make several rounds of the salon, subject yourself to expensive hair removal treatments, from bleach to facial, but 20 days later your facial hair creeps back into place. Don’t think of laser treatments to get rid of unwanted facial hair. You can try this natural technique at home with an ingredient you use almost everyday. This one is unbelievably simplistic and the results long lasting. Give it a try today.

This red lentil face pack will help remove facial hair and bring a fair glow to your skin naturally.


1 tsp Red lentils powder (Masoor Dal)

1 tsp rice flour

1 tsp Gram flour (Besan)

1 tsp Milk

2-3 drops of Almond oil (Optional)

lentil facial hair mask

Method of Preparation:

Grind the Masoor Dal into a fine powder, now mix it together with the rice flour. Add to it Besan and milk and combine. Further on add almond oil and blend the mix into a homogeneous consistency.

Apply it in thick coat over your face particularly over the areas that have unwanted hair growth. Allow it to fully dry up for 10 minutes. Just wet your hands a little, and gently remove the pack in a circular motion. The hair growth from your face will not be instantly gone, but would definitely thin out. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Repeat this ritual thrice a week for a month and the hair growth on your face would get really fine and eventually diminish. You can even use it on other parts of your body that has unnecessary hair growth.


Image: DivaLikes

Use it till you get the desired results. Rich in proteins Masoor Dal also boosts fairness, and is absolutely natural, homemade.

Next time save some Masoor Dal from your lunch and make this awesome hair removal face pack that will also make your skin glow in just few weeks. Miraculous! 

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