Deepika Padukone Uses This One Trick To Get Dark, Broad Eyebrows. And It’s Actually Very Simple!


Want eyebrows like Deepika Padukone? We have a super easy makeup tutorial for you. Thin and curved eyebrows that were a trend in the ’70s and early ’80s are now passe. By thinning the eyebrows you take away the defining characteristics of your face such as your eyes, mouth and forehead. But more than anything else, reedy thin eyebrows make you look older and your face fuller.

Cut to 21st Century, where eyebrows on the ramp, in cinema, are a sharp arch and broader and thicker than ever. Your eyebrow icon should be the leggy Deepika Padukone who has what is perhaps the most stylish and beautiful pair of eyebrows on a celeb. They are full, dark, thick and a perfect arch lending a charisma to her face, making her face look chiseled, instantly drawing your attention to her eyes.

We tell you the secret to Deepika’s lush, shapely eyebrows. This is a very easy makeup tutorial, and you will be surprised how well this actually works.

What you need:

Eyebrow pencil

Mascara brush

Concealer and concealer brush


deepika padukone makeup tutorial

Here’s the complete makeup tutorial

1. With the help of your eyebrow pencil draw out a fine line under your eyebrows to give it a sense of shape.

2. Now etch a neat line above your eyebrows in the same way to trace out a neat shape. But make sure you don’t change the natural shape of the eyebrows.

3. With the help of the eyebrow pencil very lightly colour your eyebrows. Instead of making straight lines like with a crayon make short strokes to give it a natural look. This will darken your eyebrows if you have light eyebrow hair.

4. Measure your eyebrows with the handle of the pencil by taking it diagonally from your nose to the eyebrow, just to know where it ends. Now repeat this motion perpendicularly from the nose to forehead to know from where the eyebrows begin.

deepika padukone eyebrows

5. Further on, apply the concealer below your eyebrows to give it that sharp arch. Blend it well with your skin.

6. Using the mascara brush comb your eyebrows in outward direction to give it a natural look. At this time you can take a light layer of Vaseline and apply it over your eyebrows to set them.

7. To give your eyebrows a natural finish use your fingertips to blend the beginning of your eyebrows.

8. Now you can do the remainder of your eye makeup.


Only a few quick steps and your eyebrows too will look broad, dark and finely etched just like Deepika’s. Worth a try! 

Images and video by: YouTube/Missy Lynn

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