7 Bad Habits That Cause Gray Hair In Women Under 30


Our societies still consider graying as a sign of ageing. A woman with gray hair is thought to be over the hill, and at the fag end of her reproductive cycle. But in truth, even women in their mid to late 20s and early 30s spot gray steaks rather frequently. This is hidden by dyeing the hair with a suitable hair colour. Greying while vaguely a sign of ageing, in truth indicates the lack of melanin content the hair follicles generate.

As a person ages the content of melanin generation weakens and hence the hair looses its dark colour, and becomes colourless or gray. But these days women by their late 20s start producing grey strands and are eternally embarrassed about it. What are the reasons for your hair follicles to stop producing melanin so early on? The culprit behind gray hair in women are some bad habits.

Let’s study the seven habits that cause gray hair in women under 30.

What causes gray hair in woman

1. You are a stressed woman

Now, you can’t help take stress, that’s the way you are! You have a stressful job, you are stressed on the home front, while driving, in dealing with people. Basically, you are always stressed. This takes a massive toll on your hair by causing premature graying. Though a lot of people believe it to be old wives’ tale, scientists attribute significant amount of importance to how stress impacts the genes and the melanin that cause hair to have its natural colouring.

2. You are a compulsive smoker

Smoking is not just bad for your lungs and can lead you on the road to infertility, it can also give you gray hair ahead of time. There are studies to prove that women who smoke have four times greater likelihood of graying prematurely than the ones that don’t. While genetic factors too play a role here, you can postpone those quickly sprouting gray streaks until another few years by kicking the butt. The carcinogens in cigarette damage the hair follicles responsible for producing melanin.

3. You eat unhealthy and binge eat

Your diet has a bearing on your hair health too. If your diet is lacking in proteins, this can cause gray hair in women. Our hair contains a protein called keratin, and this helps the follicles produce melanin. By depriving your body of dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and leafy veggies like spinach, or other protein supplements, you are lowering the intensity of melanin production.

4. You use a hard shampoo

Please change the shampoo you use if it is a harsh one. Such shampoos are made of harsh chemicals that damage the natural pigment of the hair, and make it gray before time. Always use a mild shampoo, and even better if it is a natural organic shampoo. One of the most used hair products, the quality of your shampoo has a ready bearing on your hair follicles. If you are a women in your early 30s or late 20s and wondering why you have so many gray streaks, have a re-look at your shampoo.

5. You have unchecked thyroid

If you have thyroid, your hair follicles are prone to damage. Get your thyroid levels checked and get on with the medication soon. Gray hair in women can be attributed to an unchecked thyroid. And if you already are aware of your thyroid problem, be regular with your medication.

6. You love to use gels and sprays on your hair

Avoid subjecting your hair to too many harsh chemicals, and your hair spray or hair mousse is loaded with these toxins. If used regularly they can damage your hair follicles from producing melanin responsible for its dark colouring. Even perfumed hair oils are not good in the long run as it can cause premature graying.

7. You forget to oil your hair

Lack of regular or weekly oiling makes your hair dry and dehydrated. This lack of natural moisture cannot be compensated by a good shampoo and conditioner. And gradually the hair follicles lower the intensity of producing melanin leading to gray hair in women as early as mid 20s and early 30s. So hydrate your hair, keep it naturally moisturised.

Which of these bad habits do you have? Gray hair in women as early as 20s and 30s can easily be curbed by kicking these habits.

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