7 Ways To Use Onions To Cure Cold, Fever, And Other Illness


We invariably have onions, because all our dishes are incomplete without them. It is more of a compulsion, for we believe a recipe is incomplete without lovely sauteed onions in it. But did you know aside from enhancing the flavours, onions do a lot more to your health. All good things though.

This layered veggie goes a long way in boosting your immunity and also helps heal wounds rather quickly.

Lets look at some of the lesser known benefits of this humble vegetable, the onion. These are so surprising that after reading this you are always going to keep onions at home.

1. Onion cures your earache easily

Take an onion and keep peeling it off layer by layer, until you reach its core, the bulbous white segment. Now slice it into two and place one in each ear before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, your earache will be gone. This is owing to onion’s anti-inflammatory properties.


2. Onion fights common cold, boosts immunity

Make an onion drink and drink it every morning. Take a large onion, boil it in water, strain and drink it up. Obviously not the best thing to drink, but it will cure your cold and also improve your body’s immunity.

onions for commoncold

3. Onions remove your tan too

To remove tan and sunburn, you need an onion and an egg. Slice the onion first and apply it to the affected areas. Now, extract the egg white and slather the same surface with the egg white. Leave this on for about 10 minutes, and wash it off with a gentle soap. Do this thrice a week for a month and all your tanning would have disappeared.


4. Onion makes your fever go down

Slice an onion and put it in your socks, under your feet. Then soak a cloth in Apple Cider Vinegar and place it over your forehead. Your fever will go down in less than an hour. Its magical.


5. Onion cleanses your eye

This ritual of weeping while chopping onions is not a bad one after all. As the tears that prick out of your eyes only end up flushing all the dirt out of it. So, chop away onions, its good for your eyes.


5. Onion treats a bad cough

Slice an onion and keep it in an air-tight jar. Now add a tablespoon of sugar to it. Leave it on overnight. By the morning, the mix would have turned syrupy. Have a teaspoon of the mixture every hour, but make sure your finish it the same day. You must consume it fresh. In just a couple of days, your cough would have vanished.

7. Onion heals a painful bee sting

Onion comes to your rescue when you have a bee sting. Just chop an onion and apply the bits over the affected area. In just an hour, your pain will go down, almost miraculously.


Just by keeping onions at home you are going to save so many trips to the doctor’s. These are some wonderful uses we didn’t know of onions until today.

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