The Colour Of Your Urine Can Reveal Your Health Issues


After taking a leak, don’t just flush and walk out. Take a second to study the colour of your urine, for it is a very important indicator of how your health is, and if there is a cause of concern. The colour of your pee has a lot of bearing on your health, the food you eat, if your body is sufficiently hydrated and in case there are symptoms of any niggling health issue.

Study the different colours of urine below to know if you need to see a doctor urgently.

Dark yellow urine

Urine colour is a touch yellowish, but if it is a very dark yellow, it means that your body is majorly dehydrated. You need to watch out for the amount of water you are drinking. In all likelihood it is too less for your body to do its normal function.


Crystal clear urine

If your pee doesn’t have its natural mild yellow colouring, it could mean diabetes. More precisely, a sign of diabetes insipidus, a type of diabetes that releases more water making you thirsty too frequently, one that even interrupts with your sleep cycle.

clear urine

Orange urine

When you notice a deep orange tinge in your pee, it could mean either of the two things. You are either suffering a bad case of dehydration or have been eating very salty food. This could be an indicator of a tumour restricting the bile duct. The occurrence of jaundice could well be order. Be very careful.



Bright yellow urine

You don’t need to be alarmed with the colour. It could be an indicator that your body is not able to store more Vitamin B and C for too long. Hence the change of colour when you pass urine.


Green urine

Yes, this is not very common, but urine too can acquire a lighter version of petroleum green. This is more often caused by a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Even antidepressants and medication for Parkinson’s can also be the reason for this colour of pee.


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Red urine

If you have eaten too many beetroots or red coloured food, you could pass urine with a dark red tinge. But the red pee can also be a result of blood in the urinary tract, that can be read as a sign of gallbladder stone or kidney cancer. Do check with your doctor if this symptom persists.


Blue urine

If you have been under heavy medication, the urine can acquire a light blue blush. Food dyes among others can also be the cause behind this unusual colour of pee. Be watchful of what you eat.


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What colour has your urine been off late?

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