7 Crucial Do’s And Don’ts About Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an all new feeling and sensation. While there are so many mental changes, the physical changes take shape faster than any other. At different stages of pregnancy women experience changes in her body that range from discomfort, irritation, sickness to excruciating pain. But the gravest issue she experiences is with her sleeping position as she progresses from her first trimester to the very last one.

With the growing size of her abdomen she needs to keep changing her sleeping position and strike a balance that is both comfortable to her and her baby. From difficulty in walking, sitting and standing to shortness of breath, nausea, morning sickness, back pain and frequent urination, the physical challenges of pregnancy are manifold. But most problems are taken care of if women find the right sleep position that helps her sleep sound and peaceful.

We recommend some ideal sleep positions for pregnant women at various stages of her pregnancy –

1. Sleep on your left side

Pregnant women should always sleep on their left side as it boosts the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and the baby. For a more comfortable posture, bend your legs and knees a little and place a pillow between your legs, and see how undisturbed you sleep.


2. Never lie on your back or on your stomach

By lying on your back the weight of your abdomen slows down the return of blood to your heart and hence reduces the blood flow to the fetus. Because of this your baby will end up getting less oxygen and nutrients. And by sleeping on your stomach you will be applying unnecessary pressure on your pregnant uterus which is best avoided.


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3. Invest in some pregnancy pillow, you will sleep really well

Such pillows help in balancing your overall weight which at the moment is lopsided, and you end up sleeping comfortably no matter what side you turn.


4. Do not drink water at least 2 hours before going to bed

This will help fill up your bladder so that you have enough time before sleep to pass urine. Your night time sleep should be undisturbed at any rate as it is both good for you and your baby.

5. Always go to bed in loose cotton clothes. It’ll help you breathe and sleep easy

You want your abdomen to be free, breathe and want more supply of blood and oxygen to the fetus. This is possible only when you sleep in loose clothes.

6. Consciously try to keep your anxiety at bay, and you will sleep really well

When you are anxious it affects the physical and mental health of the baby you are carrying. If your heart pumps faster it affects the flow of blood and oxygen to the fetus. Hence try to be as calm as possible, try some yoga asanas or meditation to distract yourself from the physical discomfort.

7. Trimester-wise changes in your sleep position

Sleep position is irrelevant in the first trimester. In your second trimester, always try to sleep on your left side. In your third and final trimester, sleep as you deem comfortable but avoid sleeping on your back.


If you are pregnant or know any pregnant woman in your family and friend circle share this, as they will benefit from the information on healthy practices during pregnancy, and for a safer delivery.

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