What The Colour At The Bottom Of Your Toothpaste Tube Really Means?


Every toothpaste has a small block of colour at the bottom of the tube. Have you ever noticed it? If you haven’t, you should know that your perception will change after discovering the true meaning of this.


Next time you pick up your favourite brand of toothpaste from the departmental store, don’t forget to check the colour of the little block at the bottom of the tube. Typically this colour segregation is owing to the variation in the composition of the toothpaste.


We give you the different colours and what they mean:

Blue stripe – Natural with added medicine

Black stripe – It is wholly chemical based

Green stripe – This is herbal, better still, all natural ingredients

Red stripe – With natural ingredients but also contains added chemicals

This is just in nutshell, there is a lot more information available to customers on the true composition of a toothpaste. But hoping this will give you a sense of what your toothpaste is possibly made up of.

toothpaste stripes

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