Can’t Stop Coughing? Here’s How To Stop A Cough Without Medicine


How many times has it happened to you that you are in a public place and you can’t stop coughing? The act of coughing is basically a reflex action by which the lung clears the airways from irritants like mucus, smoke among others. So that your lung is not infected. Chronic coughing isn’t a good sign, and you should see your doctor. Also prolonged cough can interfere with your daily functioning, you will have difficulties sleeping, end up with chest and abdomen pain, giddiness and subsequently come down with a flu or fever. But you always need not fall back on a cough syrup or doctor’s medication to heal a bad cough. There are certain home remedies that are as effective in dealing with a cough, and curing it naturally.

We suggest some brilliant home-grown hacks on how to stop a cough naturally without using medicine.

1. Wear a warm towel around your neck

Warm compresses go a long way in curing a tickly cough. You need to wrap this warm towel, make sure the water is squeezed out well, around your neck. Or lie down and place a warm towel on you chest. The heat from the towel helps in clearing up any lung congestion and drain the mucus that block the airways. Keep the towel on for about five minutes until the temperature drops, and then repeat the procedure. Do this for a few days, and you will get relief from your incessant cough.

2. Have crushed garlic with honey

Might sound gross, but garlic’s anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities help in unclogging nasal passage and congestion in the lungs. Besides, it replenishes Vitamin C, B6 in your body that gives you better immunity to fight against infections. But remember the affects of garlic are better when had raw. Now to stave off the garlic stench you can have the crushed clove of garlic with a teaspoon of honey. Some even make the concoction with olive oil in place of honey. Honey soothes your throat and garlic opens up the airways. Have this everyday for about five days and your cough would have healed. Even later you can continue consuming this daily to keep bacterial and viral infection at bay, and your cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check.

Garlic can stop a cough

3. Make a tea with eucalyptus leaves

For those who cannot stop coughing, this is one natural remedy that will give you the much-needed relief. Eucalyptus leaves have medicinal properties that help alleviate symptoms of cough, chest congestion and respiratory infection. You can either add eucalyptus oil to your bath, or simply take a couple of eucalyptus leaves and soak them in your hot bath. Have a nice shower after that. Do it for a week and see the difference in your cough. Another interesting way to get rid of the phlegm in your airways is by making a eucalyptus tea. For this you need a few fresh eucalyptus leaves and steep them along with the tea leaves. After about 6-7 minutes, strain the leaves, and drink up the potion. Your throat will instantly feel soothed.

Eucalyptus leaves can stop coughing

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4. Get a bamboo or aloe vera plant indoors

Dry weather can aggravate your symptoms. And if you don’t consider electric humidifier a great idea, bring home some pretty indoor plants. They could be the evergreens, or bamboo palm or an aloe vera. Plants control the humidity of the interiors, and also absorbs the carbon dioxide and other pollutants such as benzene, to release oxygen. When you breathe in fresh air, naturally your air passages will be clear of all phlegm, and your cough will subside very soon without a cough syrup.

5. Chew peppermint lozenge

Wondering how to stop coughing, but not sure you want to buy drugs off a chemist? Try this easy and effective home remedy. Get yourself a handful peppermint lozenge, and keep chewing them from time to time. The menthol in peppermint has a soothing effect on your tickly throat and helps unclog the air passages from smoke and mucus. In fact if you have access to fresh mint leaves, sprinkle some on your food and chew them fine when you eat your meal. In less than a week, your cough would have subsided. If you have some peppermint aroma oil, you can add it to your hot water bath. Bathe daily with it, and in just a couple of days you will get relief.

6. Do not sleep on your back

This is one thing we do wrong when we have cough. Most of us cannot sleep because of our blocked nasal passage or the irritation in the airways. At such a time, you are required to sleep on your side to get better sleep, and also to heal the cough naturally by allowing the mucus to drain. You need to get proper rest when you have an illness as it can weaken your immunity. You will be more comfortable in this position, and gradually drift to peaceful sleep.

7. Go off fried foods immediately

Fried foods can cause inflammation and interrupt with the body’s natural process of healing. It increases chance of acidity and aggravate your cough. Gastroesophageal acid reflux is a common fallout of having fried foods even after getting a bad cough. Resist your favourite French fries, hot dogs, burgers, bacon, ham, and a host of refined carbohydrates such as pasta, noodles, doughnuts. Better to stay away from energy drinks too. Eat hot, home-cooked meals that are soupy, and you will get immediate relief from a chronic cough.

8. Feast on pineapple

Now this might come as a surprise. But, pineapple does help is stopping a bad cough without any medication. The bromelain enzyme in pineapple curbs inflammation of the lungs, and checks mucus formation. This helps open up the air passages and your chest feels much lighter. Better to eat fresh pineapple than a packaged juice for better results. Add pineapple to your salad, or simply mix it up with other fruits, and have in plenty. Your cough will be gone like a miracle.

Can’t stop coughing? Now you know how to fix it at home without resorting to unnecessary cough syrups and pills.

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