How To Get Rid Of Dengue Mosquitoes At Home Naturally


It is the season when mosquitoes invade us in a scourge, suck the blood out of our veins, and leave us reeling from high fever that refuses to subside weeks on end. Dengue and Chikungunya are at an all time rise presently, and both being vector-borne are carried by infected mosquitoes in our surroundings. The toll of Chikungunya death in Delhi is surging, and civic authorities are running pell-mell to ensure there are no pools of stagnant water anywhere.

natural dengue mosquitoes repellent

We avoid mosquitoes like plaque by keeping glasses of water covered, keeping the fan on all the time, not sitting in a dark place, and avoiding crowded areas. But the curse of the mosquito is such that it somehow infiltrates our lair, make us a victim of its sting, and by the time we realise, it is usually late. We are already infected. So, if mosquitoes aren’t leaving you alone anywhere, especially in your own home, its time to take matters into your hands.

Just ditch those commercial insect repellents, for they are not half as effective as this bush-style idea of quashing these vile buggers. Besides, you end up inhaling all those chemicals which have an adverse effect on your lungs in the long run.


Traditionally this method using plain, ground coffee beans to light a smoke in the middle of a campfire was to keep wasps, midges, flies, insects and mosquitoes at bay. Originally used as a way of thwarting insect-attack on a barbeque session in the middle of the desert, this technique has since found resonance across several quarters that include your home backyard, and even office spaces.

How Ground Coffee Works to Repel Mosquitoes

Even if you don’t like hanging too much outdoors, this method should be your best bet in foiling mosquito attack. You just need to take some freshly ground coffee in a bowl and cover it with an aluminium foil and leave it in a cool, dark place. Allow them to completely dry up. Now take this bowl out to the grounds, place it on your window sill, in your garden under the window, basically everywhere you expect these pesky pests to haunt.

Light fire to the ground coffee just the way you would an incense, and instantly there would be smoke emanating from it. The smoke is generally very thick and gives out a pungent smell, which is the very purpose of setting up the fire. Insects are driven away from the spot because they have a sharp radar for smoke, which translates into fire, meaning danger in loose terms. While the entire bit burns out, your home will be cleansed of mosquitoes. You can have more than one bowl burning at the same time from various points.



Just be sure of the direction of the wind, you need to keep changing the position of the bowl depending on its direction, because you want the smoke to be directed at these pests for best results.

No more coughing and breathing troubles owing to using chemical mosquito repellents. This is the most eco-friendly, and even child-friendly, way of busting mosquito attack on your home and surroundings, and quelling the spread of deadly diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue, quickly.

Just one ingredient and your home will be free of bugs and dengue mosquitoes in no time. Green and cost-effective too!

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