Don’t Feel Shy. Doctors Say You Should FART More Often


When 59 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent hydrogen, 9 per cent carbon dioxide, 7 per cent methane and 4 per cent oxygen react chemically, it leads to one hell of a resounding fart. Breaking wind in public is perceived as impolite, and particularly a nuisance when they come in short bursts from unknown sources in a crowded bus. Now, the stench in a fart is a result of the sulphide quotient in hydrogen sulphide, which incidentally only one per cent of a fart contains.

Sometimes farts are inadvertent, leading to many an embarrassing moments. About time you stopped feeling shy of your farts, because scientists believe that farts are very good for health, in fact they keep your brain, heart and other parts of the body in mint condition.

We say, share the joy, fart our loud!

1. It is also lady-like to fart. Women fart as much as men do. An average man (or woman, for that matter) manages about half a litre of farts every single day.


2. If you were to fart non-stop for six years and nine months, you can produce gas with enough energy as in an atomic bomb!


3. Repressing gas is a terrible idea. It can lead to bad breath, bloating of the stomach, and in worst cases hemorrhoids or a distended bowel.


4. If you are in China, you can actually land the job of a professional fart-smeller. Or consider this Indian tribe in South America where fart is looked upon as a greeting. 


Discover the joys of farting. Holding them in will only harm you. 

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