This Is What The Colour Of Yolk Says About The Quality Of Egg


When you crack eggs in the morning to make your breakfast omelette, have you ever pondered over the colour of the yolk? Are they pale yellow, sunshine yellow or an amber orange?

Turns out the colour of the egg yolk is of supreme importance as it determines whether the chicken was in good health when it laid those eggs. This in return accounts for the nutrients our body actually receives from the egg. Experts believe that the quality of an egg can be determined from the colour of the yolk.

What is egg yolk made of

The number of carotenoids in the egg yolk is responsible for its colour that ranges typically from pale yellow to rich orange. These carotenoids help in the formation of Vitamin A, an antioxidant that strengthens bones, and subsequently, the denser the yellow of the yolk, the more nutrients you derive from it.

egg yolk color

What did the chicken eat before laying eggs

The chicken’s diet has an apparent bearing on the colour of the egg yolk. For instance, if the chicken has been on a diet predominantly of grains and nothing else, the colour of the yolk usually comes out a pale yellow. On the other hand, if the chicken has been fed on plants, insects, grains and corn, there will be an unmistakable hint of amber to the yolk. In the West, chicken farms have a special 15 shade colour guard to evaluate the colour of the yolk to ascertain the quality of the produce.


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What colour egg yolks are good

Go for the organic ones which have yolks that are a dark shade of yellow as they contain all the essential nutrients our body requires for strong bones and muscle repair. Steer clear of the pale yellow yolks, though it is believed to be a result of change of season such as the onset of winter, when the chicken are fed in small portions owing to the weather that affects their digestion. Not to mention, the pale yellow yolks are most definitely the lowest grade of eggs, besides being an indicator of the poor health of the chicken.

Next time you pick up a crate of eggs from the local departmental store, just check if there are any instructions on the box about the use of additional colours, or the diet of the chicken. This is very critical for your health.

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