10 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Mangoes. Yes, You Read It Right

You pass a fruit vendor and the highlights would be his mangoes, from blushing red to bright ochre. Mangoes are everywhere. Restaurants plate them up with desserts, whiz them in their shakes, sprinkle them over salads, or simply serve them fresh with some cream.

Come summer and we stock up on mangoes like we do no other fruit, but just how good are mangoes for our health. Have you considered?

1. Mangoes are no great shakes except they help prevent cancer

The antioxidant compound in mango protects against breast, colon and prostate cancers, aside from Leukaemia.


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2. Alright, it lowers cholesterol!

Bad cholesterol is kept in check owing to the high levels of fibre, pectin and Vitamin C in mangoes.



3. You don’t turn to mangoes for a flawless skin

They help open up clogged pores and keeps your face free of acne. You can even make a face pack out of it.



4. You don’t have to thank mangoes if your eyesight is good

Mangoes help improve eye health. Did you know just a cup of chopped mangoes gives the body about 25 per cent of the daily required value of Vitamin A. Hence, no dry eyes, good eyesight and no night blindness either.


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5. Why do you have to tank up on Alkali?

Mangoes maintain the alkali reserve of the body by supplying it with malic acid, tartaric acid, and a trace of citric acid.


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6. Diabetics can eat other stuff, why mangoes?

Mango has comparatively low glycemic index (41-60), not enough to spike up your sugar levels. In fact it helps keep the insulin levels in the blood in check.


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7. Your sex life is great, mangoes have nothing to do with it

Mangoes are a major source of Vitamin E. Scientists have linked low levels of Vitamin E to low sex drive and infertility issues.


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8. Mangoes are just for fun, so what it improves your digestion

Enzymes in mangoes help break down protein, also it has fibres that aid digestion.


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9. Summer, heat stroke, mangoes – what’s the connection?

The Aam panna sherbet we have is made of green mango that is further mixed with water to cool down your body, not to mention, is a perfect summer drink.

10. Other than giving your immune system a boost, mangoes do nothing

Rich in Vitamin C and A, aside from about 25 other kinds of carotenoids, mangoes help keep your immune system robust.


So, just stop eating those mangoes, right now!

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