19 Reasons Having Biryani Is Better Than Having A Girlfriend


The sight of Biryani makes us drool. They are spicy, hot and sexy. Biryani will never lose its appeal. Of course, we are always ready for Biryani, never mind the circumstances.

1. Biryani, however gorgeous, never minds waiting for you. They never throw tantrums

2. Even after a long day, Biryani smells just as great

3. When you check your WhatsApp mid meal, a Biryani never gives you dirty looks


Maunika Gowardhan

4. Biryani patiently waits for you to end your call every time, and never complains for not giving it enough time


Well or Die/Anwesha Mittra

5. Biryani only gives, never asks you to take it out for shopping

6. Biryani always welcomes you, even if you have been treated like dirt in office

7. Biryani is content with life. Never taunts you for being less ambitious

8. Biryani wants nothing in exchange


Sanjeev Kapoor

9. You never get blackmailed into paying Biryani’s phone bills, or credit card bills

10. Biryani loves the way you look. Never asks you to shave off that stubble you have been fondly nurturing

11. Biryani pampers your taste buds, never expects you to go to the kitchen and cook something yourself


Charus Kitchen

12. Even if you leave Biryani alone the whole day, it never gets angry with you in the evening

13. Biryani is happy being at home with you. Doesn’t get pissed if you drop out of a movie outing


MD Azher

14. There are no ego clashes with a Biryani, it is very accommodating


Nosh Recipes

15. Biryani never gets drunk at parties and expects you to drop it home

16. Even if you are badly broke, the humble Biryani is always there for you

17. Biryani always wants you to have a great time


Chris Chan

18. Biryani never chokes while you are watching a romantic flick

19. Biryani is very supportive, even if you are an ass***!


Moral of the story: Hold on to that Biryani, for life!

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