10 Ways To Make Everyone Fall In Love With You, Just Like That


We love to launch into spiels on positive thinking and its undeniable power in helping us achieve our goals. But amidst all this eloquent waxing, we often neglect to look at our day to day life through the same prism. Stressed, anxious or complaining, is usually the way we are in our everyday life. Our patience always runs thin, be it on the road while driving a car, or simply waiting a moment or two extra to let the passengers in a metro alight first. We spare a few words of sarcasm supported by a croaky chuckle for humour, and never laugh at any jokes cut by a colleague, even if they are funny.

Complimenting someone genuinely for something new they have bought is of course a forgotten art, add to it we hurl some unsolicited advise on how they could have got it for a better price. Positivity is not to be read from books and then forgotten all about, it is a state of mind and needs to be inculcated in every walk. Smiling at people who work for yo, saying a thank you, etc go a long way in unburdened you, and truly making you likable to all.

A change of perspective can go a long way in making you a carefree, positive person inside-out. We suggest some super tricks.

1. Have a wish

You need to predominantly have a desire to be positive. Positivity cannot ever be shoved down one’s throat. You need to realise the need and importance of being positive, first and foremost. Positivity is like a shroud, you will realise the difference when more people start trusting you, you get along with people rather easily, and you seem more approachable to your colleagues.

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2. Don’t lose sight of reality

To be positive doesn’t mean, you are free of all negativity or you turn into a saint. All you have to do is change your attitude, for you will certainly encounter negative situation in life. But the art lies in overcoming it without losing your mental equilibrium. Think of ways to come out of a negative situation instead of letting it bog you down.


3. Experiment

Observe everything. Use daily incidents as an example to see how you can manage things with a more positive outlook. How you could have better dealt with your parking guy. Instead of ignoring the mail, and then thinking about it all the time, try replying to it by way of finding a solution.

4. Work on your body language

Make positive words a part of your daily parlance, and work on your stance especially when you talk to people. You shouldn’t come off as standoffish. Look surprised when something surprises you, be more generous with compliments, and always laugh your heart out. Suddenly you will become the most friendly person around.

5. The company you keep

Seek the company of only positive people, because negativity breeds negativity. To ensure this, keep a friend circle that is positive, healthy, and one that engages in a lot of outdoor activities. Soon you will realise that everybody around you is also positive.


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6. Get active

Quit idling your time. Spend your spare time doing something worthwhile such as adopting a hobby, cooking for your family, watching a good show on the television. Even better if you take interest in some outdoor sporting activity. Do it for a week and you will see the difference in your mindset.

7. Don’t take everything so seriously

Life will give you shocks, you need to be prepared to minimise the impact and keep going. Accept that it not possible to change everyone, you just need to find a way around people, and you will be happier.


8. Do some yoga

Do pranayam everyday,  and channelise all your energies into something productive. Yoga or any form of workout secretes endorphins which keeps you happy and fills you up with positive energy. Yoga calms your nerves, frees you from stress and anxiety.


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9. Write a diary

Instead of relating everything that happened in the day to your diary, record only the positive ones. It could be recounting things like helping your mother in the kitchen or even helping someone cross the road today. A week later when you read back the journal you would have only happy, positive memories to remember.

10. A ‘thank you’ is never overrated

 Generously use this word, not just among equals or at workplace. Say it to your vegetable vendor for packing your potatoes, basically anyone who helps you with even the smallest of things. Very soon cynicism will go flying out the window.
Try these out, and everyone will start looking at you admiringly.

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