12 Everyday Situations Only Desi Girls Can Relate To


You will know and understand this if you are an awesome desi girl.

Always dress to the nines at work, always ready to host friends over, and forever ready for a family wedding. But under the glossy sheen, the everyday hackles of our dear desi girls are not for the faint of the heart. Things she has to go through from the time she gets up from the bed until she hangs up her boots (and scarf). Nature throws at her challenge after challenge, which only she can tackle with stoic composure and send it back singing to wherever.

But these 12 situations top her everyday struggles. After all, something’s gotta give!

1. Even after you wash your hands ten times, that haldi colour and smell of ‘aam ka aachar’ haunts you the whole day in office or college. Hiding your yellow coloured fingers becomes a task.


2. Your mom always complains for not helping her with the housework. But when you do…


3. Or when you try your hands at cooking…


4. When you order that top or dress from Jabong or Myntra and you receive this…


5. And when you are late and you can’t find your hair straightener 🙂


6. When you are about to attend a party or a wedding function…


7. Or this…


8. When you wanted to convince your mom to hangout with friends



9. And that awkward moment when you are with your parents and one of your male friends says ‘hi’ to you


10. And ‘jugaad’ is something we always have in our blood.


11. Making up your mind doesn’t come easily to you! Or does it?

desi chudiya

12. And when buying sanitary napkins is the biggest problem of your life


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