4 Types Of Men That Are Perfect For Marriage, According To Zodiac Signs


You have been in several relationships, but still haven’t quite found your true match. That person with whom you share an amazing compatibility, where there is mutual respect and support, and for whom your heart longs. You need to beware that zodiac signs, as much as we would like to believe otherwise, have a bearing on our personality. Certain personality types may be less endearing to you, while the others more. You need your guy to love you, dote on you, pamper you and let you grow in your independent space. But how do you zero in on such a guy?

Today we tell you the four zodiac signs of men who make for a perfect marriage material. Look out for these traits, women! 

The Libra guy

Libra men are genuinely pampering of their ladies. They have a strong sense of judgement, and usually have a balanced, rationale approach to problems. You will come across very few biased, conceited Libra men. While they have a strong personality, they will never try to suppress yours, or impose their opinion on you. You are looking at an extremely congenial and accommodating man who will give you that social position and respect. By marrying this guy, you can depend on him from time to time. He won’t let you down, and takes everything you ask of him rather seriously. You will be loved and cared for, and realise he is so easy to get along with.

The Gemini man

If you marry a Gemini man, be assured you will always have some great laughs. Your man is humorous, and easily makes people around him laugh. He is the soul of every social gatherings, making you wonder how effortlessly he socialises and yet gives you the esteem and importance. They make for great orators. You are in for a long haul in this relationship because your Gemini guy truly values you and loves you very dearly. He might be very good at making friends, but never once ignore you or your right over him. Be certain, this guy brings in a lot of positivity into the relationship, and keeps you engrossed. There will be many pleasant surprises along the way with him.

The Scorpio man

There is a certain degree of eroticism and mysticism associated with this sun sign, and it is not without a reason. Scorpio men are creative and sensual in bed, and ensure their partners enjoy too. He will take this marriage very seriously, and regard your opinion on important matters. But a Scorpio guy appreciates space and independence, as he will give you the same.

But do not lie to a Scorpio or break his trust, for there is no coming back from there. They detect lies really well, so no point pretending. Be honest with your partner and he will bring you the moon and the stars. He is a hopeless romantic, and it is very easy for other women to get attracted to him, to his charisma. But you can be secure, he passionately loves you, and for him this relationship is for keeps. Hold your head high as you walk about with this mysterious charmer.

The Cancer guy

Your man is family bound. He loves to be around his family and values family time. After your marriage with him, you don’t have to vie for his attention because you will always come first. A Cancer man makes for an affectionate husband and a doting father. He loves children and would love to have his own someday.

And you will be surprised how hands on a father he turns out to be. He will give the child lessons, take him out for a sport, spend time with him, and love you dearly for being in his life and supporting his brood. Expect your man to cook you some lovely meals; they love to rustle up something special from time to time. But for him his children come before anything else in the world.

So, which guy best suits you?

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