This Is What The Length Of Your Fingers Says About Your Character And Health


There are so many things our body parts indicate about our health. From the colour of our eyes, the shape and colour of our nails, hair etc. But did you know that the length of our fingers are also a major indicator of our health and overall personality, some scientific studies have recently proven?

This study has also found that the behaviour of pregnant women can be decided basis the length of their ring fingers, whether they get aggressive, are willing to take risk, how prone are they to diseases among others. For instance, those with shorter index fingers are susceptible to aggression, though they are more fired up about taking risks. It is owing to the exposure of testosterone during pregnancy that has an effect on women’s behaviour, and here the length of the finger reveals the exposure to testosterone. Other than this there are many other results the length of your fingers throw up.

fingers personality and health

You need to look at your left hand and then compare the lengths of the fingers with that on the picture.

Fingers resembling Photo A:

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, the study reveals that you are of a charming disposition, people simply get hooked on to you. You have attractive physical features, though you can be quite temperamental. You also apply yourself very easily to a crossword puzzle. Outside of your professional success, goes without saying that you are an absolute extrovert. These people make great engineers, soldiers, chess players, and take risks more readily than others. Of course, they also earn more than those with shorter ring fingers.


Fingers resembling photo B:

Now if you have a longer index finger you could pass off for a narcissist. You are full of confidence, you love the attention you receive and also like to be the center of attention. But the thing with you is, you appreciate your space and privacy too much and you would like no intrusion there. But you are also the kind that never initiates a relationship. A study done by the Institute of Cancer Research found that men who had shorter ring fingers have lesser probability of developing prostate cancer. Also, you have a relatively lesser chance of having a cardiovascular disease. But women with shorter ring fingers are at an increased risk of breast cancer, though they are more fertile than the average. In general, you are susceptible to allergies, hay fever, schizophrenia, and eczema.


Fingers resembling photo C:

If you fall in category 3 where the length of the index and ring finger are the same, you are clearly somebody who would do anything to avoid a confrontation. You hate being in conflict with anyone at any point, and prefer to be left alone, in peace. But such people have wonderful relationship graphs as they show extreme care and affection towards their partners, and make for loyal companions.


So, which one is you?

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