This Is What The Shape Of Your Finger Says About Your Relationships And Character. So Accurate, It’s Scary!


Did you know the shape of your finger can actually say a lot about your personality? It is true, and in fact, highly accurate. It not only gives away your true nature and character, but also gives a glimpse into how your mind works, how you perceive other people, your innermost thoughts and how emotional you are about those you love.

Don’t believe us? Take a look below, identify your finger type and read up about your character traits.

finger shape and relationships

Finger A: 

If your finger resembles type A, you are an extremely reserved person, who doesn’t share their feelings very easily. Although you are extremely emotional you portray yourself to be more strong and independent than you actually are. There is a certain image you have built of yourself, which you prefer people to know you by. By the same token, you hate dishonesty, hypocrisy and liars. If you feel connected with someone you drop your guard, and are very open with them. Often others perceive you to be arrogant and eccentric, but that’s just your inner, cool self you wouldn’t like revealed.

You have great tolerance and you like to help others.

You finish every task you are given even if you may not like it.

You enjoy a good laugh, and can laugh at anything and everything so long as you are amused.

Your expressions usually reveal your thoughts, also you are cold and indifferent to people you are not particularly fond of. But you are over-emotional about your friends and family.

Finger B:

Now, if your finger is of this shape, you are not very comfortable in making the first move, whether it is about doing something or approaching people. You are a very loyal partner. When you are falling in love with someone, you will make a genuine attempt to keep them happy and give them all your attention. You are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, though it may not come across that way to most people. You let people get the wrong idea about you because you carry on pretending to not know anything in order to safeguard another person’s feelings.

You are dedicated at everything you do.

Once you pick up a task you take it to its rightful end.

You fear getting hurt, but you carry on believing you are fine on your own, while you are not.

You always need people around you to make you happy, to keep you warm.

You keep your composure even when you are upset and agitated from inside.

Finger C:

If your finger resembles this type, you are an absolute angel. You get emotional very easily, and usually forget and forgive easily too.

You have a big heart that has place for everyone, even those that are not very friendly with you.

You believe and do a lot of charity and are extremely kind. But you have no tolerance for injustice, treachery, and always take a harsh stand against such matters. Otherwise you are a very happy person, your friends enjoy your company, and you do know how to have a good time.

Now, what type is your finger?

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