A Husband DID NOT Divorce His Wife After Taking A Closer Look At This Picture


One of Internet’s urban legends had it that a husband returned home to his wife after 20 days. He had missed her so much during his trip that he took her photograph the moment he entered the room. She was sitting upright on the bed with a indulgent smile, and looked extremely happy to see her husband back. Later, the husband was believed to have gone through the photograph again, and something unusual caught his eye. He looked at the photograph he took of his wife and immediately divorced her.

This is the image circulating on the internet for quite sometime now.

husband divorces wife

Look closely. Can you see a pair of eyes under her bed?


If you look closely, there is a man hiding under her bed. Clearly she has been cheating on her husband while he was away. And the seemingly innocent picture lost its charm instantly to the husband.


This story was first published on 24 January 2015 by a website called ViralNova. The series of images published along with it urged the reader with a red arrow to look closely at one of the corner’s of the bed. The supposed eyes of a man can be seen peeping from under the bed.

While its been over a year of this photograph circulating around the internet, turns out the various versions are still far away from the truth. A few on Chinese language sites also said that after returning from a holiday a man killed his wife. When the cops questioned him about the killing, he just showed them the photo. The common factor to all the images, was the viewer was prompted to look at the corner of the bed.

This news is one of the biggest hoax. There never was any official reporting of such an incident.

In all likelihood it was just a prank played on a very young girl in her hostel room, which was morphed to include the peering eyes of a man. The girl looks startled at the camera while she has a smile on her face, which means she knows what her friends have been up to. Though this hasn’t been ascertained yet, there was a Facebook user who insisted that it was a relative of hers and the picture was nothing more than a prank. And most importantly, the girl, she claimed, was only 16!


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