12 Clever Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know


Every morning we go through the same process of dressing up, wearing makeup, fixing our hair, and in the process end up getting late for work. Almost everyday. If only we could do all this but much faster and more efficiently. Life would definitely be easier. Today we bring you 12 absolutely essential beauty hacks that every woman needs at some point in their daily lives. It promises to make your life extremely simple, and you won’t stop thanking us.

Here are the 12 beauty game changers:

1. Make your perfume last longer: To seal the perfume to your skin, just dab some Vaseline over it.

2. Want a gorgeous gel eyeliner? Take your boring pencil eyeliner and just heat its tip with a lighter and then apply

Kathleen Kamphausen – Cosmopilitan

3. Dust sticks to the back of your blow dryer? Take a toothbrush and wipe it clean in 2 minutes


4. Under-eye concealer is never smudged under your eyes. It makes no difference to your look. Apply it in a triangle shape that goes all the way to your inner cheek

5. Need your colourful eye shadows to look bright and peppy? Paint some white liner on your eyelids first and see the magic

Kathleen Kamphausen/Lauren Ahin

6. Use a white base coat and your nail colour will actually pop! 

7. Take the help of a spoon and you won’t smudge the mascara on your eyelids and then undereye. The application will also be even and perfect! 

Kathleen Kamphausen/Lauren Ahin

8. Extend the tip of your eyeliner and cover the corner of your eyes by gently touching under it. The effect is amazing!

9. After shampooing dry your hair with an old t-shirt instead of a towel. You will lose less hair because t-shirt offers less friction than towel

Michelle Phan

10. The most magical way to apply a perfect eyeliner and even get a great curl on the eyelashes

11. And your hair pins won’t go sliding off your hair. Your hairstyle will look fresh all day

12. Stick a tissue over your painted lips and dust some talc on it using a brush. You won’t need retouches of your lipstick through the day

Laurenconrad.com, H/T: Cosmopolitan

So girls, are you set to go?

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